nts test sample papers 2013

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Peking University scholarships

…ing documentation (in Spanish) before 12.00 hours on 18 January 2013: form in the course of winter 2013. Photocopy of the passport (open photo and data). Photocopies of the certificate level of Chinese language/official HSK test or course certificate of language and Chinese culture of the Confucius Institute of the UGR. Photocopy of the receipt of enrollment of the course of Chinese who are studying at the moment at the Confucius Institute. Pho…

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La Caixa scholarships for PhD in Spanish universities

…ess the corresponding Bachelor’s degree curriculum include equivalent research credits in educational value from master’s credits in research. graduates who awarded prior square in formation in the corresponding test of access to specialized health training spaces, have passed with assessment positive at least two years of training in a program to obtain the official title of specialties in health sciences. be in possession of a d…

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Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg 2014

Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg programme promotes the mobility of young artists, in order to enrich their creative projects, thus enabling them to establish a dialogue on cultural diversity. programme offers residencies to young artists (between 25 and 35 years) around the world. The UNESCO-Aschberg advocates and promotes creativity, highlights the cultural exchange and the need of artists enrich themselves through contact with othe…

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Juan Pujol and Sureda for young artists 2013 fellowships

Juan Pujol and Sureda scholarships for young artists aims to stimulate and promote the artistic activity of young people. This call aims to act as a platform for promoting and helps the artistic creation of the young people of the Girona. in this call for proposals emphasizes the value of drawing as a vehicle of communication, representation and interpretation of reality. The selection test to share, through conversation and drawing, vital wit…

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The Ministry of Education has assigned the task of conducting the Local GRE-General test for Higher Studies to the National Testing Services (NTS).Applications are invited for studying abroad under the Commonwealth General Scholarships Program for the year 2011. Scholarships are Fully Funded and final selection will be made by the donor country.Scholarships are expected to be offered by U.K, Canada, Brunei, New Zealand and Malaysia.Instruction…

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Erasmus grants. Past papers

2008 Erasmus grants-2009Convocatoria order 2517 / 2008 of 19 may, approved the regulatory basis for the granting of aid for the promotion of the mobility of University students of the universities of Madrid, centres attached to them and the associated Center of the UNED in Madrid (2007-2013 lifelong learning programme)(, Subprogramme Erasmus), and are called the corresponding to the year 2008-2009 (214 KB) BOCM No. 127 of 29 May of 2008Resoluci…

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Ramón Areces Foundation scholarships for postgraduate studies

…ear subject to extension, which will be subject to the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, upon request of the person concerned. possible requests for extension must be accompanied by copies of the research papers or official transcripts of the courses conducted in the previous period of enjoyment of scholarship, as well as reports issued by the teacher responsible foreign Centre or of the director of the research project which…

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Internationalization grants San Sebastian

…nd shall cover the following milestones: Curriculum Vitae analysis and assessment of the qualifications, training and experiences or practices in accordance with the general criteria of equality, merit and ability. Language test. Interview with the Court’s selection that will assess the adequacy of the profile of the person candidate to the one requested by the company or foreign body in which to undertake practices. staffing, fixed by t…

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College Aid Foundation CatalunyaCaixa

…or the submission of applications ends on October 31, 2012. for the award of aid is taken into account, only the academic performance of applicants, whereas its note of access of the overall phase of the University entrance tests. this note is the weighted average between the obtained note en el Bachillerato (60% of the final mark) and the qualification of the test of the overall phase (40% of the final mark) the Department of Economics and…

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University of Navarra Alumni scholarships

…pplications for these scholarships for first year applicants is open until February 8, 2013; the third term until April 15 and the extraordinary term until July 1, 2013 (can only compete within this period who carried out the test for admission to the University on July 18). for renewals of already granted scholarships deadline is 1-30 may 2013, the same period as for new applicants of superior courses….

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