natural products research conference 2014

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Program studies seeks talent 2014

Banco Santander Foundation, with the support of OpenBank, announces the first edition of the program of research and artistic production studio looking for talent, which will take place during the months of July and August 2014 at Matadero Madrid. study looking for talent promotes research, training and artistic production. The program revolves around the development of a draft proposed by the beneficiario. Once produced, you can be exposed at…

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Scholarship Research University of Malaga 2013-2014

The University of Málaga invites research grants funded contracts, agreements or research projects. They may apply for these scholarships who have the required academic or degree conditions in the different profiles listed in the annex to this resolution, provided that they possess Spanish nationality or nationals of a member country of the European Union are foreigners living in Spain at the time of applying for the scholarship. the enjoyment…

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Fellowship in cancer research Fero translational

Cancer research Fero Foundation convened the sixth annual scholarship Fero in translational cancer research, with the aim of promoting cancer research in Spain.  With the creation of scholarships Fero wishes to promote the training of young researchers, oncologists and thus promote the rapid transmission of scientific advances to patients with cancer.    the Fero Foundation wants to promote trials to speed up approval of new drugs in Spain an…

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Grants reciprocity Chile Mexico 2014

…agricultural sciences. • urban planning and Regional planning. • economics and management. • education and training of teachers. • technology and engineering. • geography and geology. • medical sciences. • natural sciences. • social sciences. the benefits that contemplates the scholarship are, exclusively, the following: I. payment of air tickets of ida, from the city of Mexico to Santiago de Chile, and back, to the ci…

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Scholarship Foundation Fuentes Dutor 2014

dación Fuentes Dutor and applicable retention is where applicable pursuant to article 70 of the regulation of the tax on the income of physical persons. scholarship is intended for industrial engineers, granting to a single natural person, who meets the following requirements: – being in possession of the degree in industrial engineering. – Be free of any commitment that prevents the normal development of the scholarship. in t…

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II anthropological research Rafael Mazuecos 2015

emed appropriate for the evaluation of its proposal. The selection of proposals will be held by a Court of experts, communicating the grant before July 15, 2015. as requirement, requires that recipients of this call will be natural or legal persons of any nationality, aware of its obligations trained to obtain grants from public administration and fiscal. They credited their capacities with the presentation of his career as researchers….

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IDRC Doctoral Research Awards for Developing Countries, 2016

IDRC Doctoral Research Awards are open for Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, and citizens of developing countries at a Canadian university. IDRC Doctoral Research Awards (IDRAs) support research aligned with IDRC’s mandate and thematic priorities. The International Development Research Centre is a Canadian federal Crown corporation that invests in knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve lives and livelihoods in the developing wor…

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Carrillo Oñativia fellowships

Carrillo Oñativia fellowships are aimed at researchers in the field who perform their activities preferably in hospitals and primary care centers of health, universities, institutes, governmental and non-governmental, in (non-pharmacological) clinical research and public health. This scholarship program does not fund basic research. While scholarships are individual, seeks the development of research to contribute to the strengthening of the cap…

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Grant journalists for Conference on health in Malaysia

ill address issues related to lung health, such as tuberculosis and HIV, asthma, child pneumonia and tobacco control. The attending journalists will learn about these diseases, the impact of the problems that generate and new research, solutions and innovations that are carried out. scholarships will cover the costs of travel by plane and train, as needed, accommodation, transportation, some meals and a daily stipend. Selected journalists must…

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16th scholarships of the REAP for research in primary care

 The Spanish network of primary care (REAP) opens its scholarships to present research projects. the award is subject to the following conditions: the research topics of the projects who wish to apply for aid focus, will be planned, developed and applied in the field of primary health care in Spain. principal investigator, and the majority of the members of the research team, should actively work in primary care in Spain. Will be valued po…

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