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Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas 2013 postgraduate scholarships

…rovide information about the call in the Department of publications and promotion of research on phones 91 580 76 96/15, e-mail: and through the website:, where will be also exposed the foundations of the call, the model request, awarding interim resolution as well as the definitive. the deadline for submission of applications shall be fifteen calendar days, counted from the following the publication of t…

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Scholarship Foundation of Viana 2014

…r projects that require the use of a Studio or workshop (engraving, screen printing, new technologies, sculptures, photographs or movie set). You will also see Arabicas of a parallel program of visits and exchanges with other foundations and Centre cultural of Bilbao, promoted by the Cultural Foundation of BBK. to apply for one of these scholarships you need to send a CV and proposal of work Foundation Viana (scholarships Bilbao Arte) Area of…

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United States renewable energy graduate scholarships

…not submit such proof will be rejected in the selection process. Not receive remuneration salary or economic or be beneficiary of any scholarship, financial aid, or any other assignment of a similar nature of institutions and foundations, public or private, during the grant period. Note average Bachelor’s degree or higher degree 7.0 in base 10 for Spanish universities or one GPA of 3.5 for us universities. scholarship covers tuition at the…

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President of the Republic 2014 scholarship

…program of master’s degree or doctorate which postulates a scholarship and, at which point mandatory start date and the date of completion of the studies. Master’s degrees or doctorates inter-agency, companies or foundations shall not be considered.  Have the level of language required by the corresponding educational institution. Demonstrate, through information and documentation that your monthly income is insufficient to meet the…

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Viana Foundation grants for artistic projects 2015

…n workshops. The allocation of transfer involves its use continued during the period approved for the implementation of the project. Scholarship performers will also enjoy a parallel program of visits and exchanges with other foundations and Centre cultural of Bilbao, promoted by the Cultural Foundation of BBK. documentation: Dossier of the artistic project to be carried out, nature and details of the same. Curriculum Vitae. All kinds of grap…

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Scholarship in Germany for young journalists

The IJP (Internationale Journalisten-Programme) is an organization of German journalists who encouraged the connection and the synergies between Germany and other countries. Once again, the IJP organized an Exchange program between Germany and Latin America with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foundations and private companies. in this way, journalists from Latin America are eligible for a two-month fellowship to work as a visi…

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Round III of the Fund of entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol

…luation and determine which proposals will receive economic allocations and incubation, as described in the next item taking into account, among others, the following aspects: I. The validity of the scientific and technical foundations of the proposal. II. The level of innovation of the proposal. III. The financial and business viability of the project. IV. The economic and social impact of the introduction of the relevant product/service…

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CIESE-Comillas degree scholarships

…igital files. CIESE-quotes may also request certifications of any data cited in its merits. They will not be the beneficiaries of any scholarship, financial aid, or any other assignment of a similar nature of institutions and foundations, public or private, for the grant period. Since grants are intended to help defray the costs of tuition, its amount will only understand the proportion to the credits that the student enrolls. With an academic de…

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Grant ceases for economists

…management, or equivalent degree. Evaluation of applications will take place in two phases, assessment of applications and interview, both with qualifying character. The endowment of the scholarship is 850 euros a month the foundations of the call and the application form can be obtained through the virtual Office of formalities, concluding on November 16, 2012 the deadline for submission of applications….

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Scholarships for master’s degree in banking and finance Ifarhu

The Institute for the training and use of human resources (Ifarhu), within its international fellowship programme, announces grants to study master in banking and finance at the international school of finance CESTE (Spain). these Ifarhu scholarships are awarded to Panamanian students and professionals for specialization in foreign universities, under the auspices of organizations, agencies, foundations, private and public, international or fo…

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