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Scholarship art project in Shiraz

…h to develop. residence in Shiraz will last between 1 and 4 months from December 2013 and until December 23, 2014. The applicant can determine the duration you wish to in accordance with the needs particular to the research project that you want to raise. you will receive applications until the 23 of December 2013 which will be then judged by a selection Committee comprising leaders of CAC Ses Voltes, and Endjavi-Barbé Projects. may be bene…

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Fellowship in cancer research Fero translational

…ts to promote trials to speed up approval of new drugs in Spain and Europe. He collaborates with international research groups to develop a scientific production of the highest level, and contributes to the development of new projects and the training of young researchers through the award of scholarships. the sixth edition of the Fero scholarship is intended to recognize a scientific project with a high potential for clinical applicability pr…

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Support for archives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

…art of the archives according to respective national archival legislation, either unavailable textual, iconographic, cartographic, photographic, sound, audiovisual or computer. each applicant entity may only submit a single project to this call. Projects that arise may be on the following aspects: conservation, restoration and protection of documents Development of descriptive tools (guides, inventories, catalogues).  Dissemination through pr…

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Orange House scholarship Calama (Chile)

The project of La Casa Naranja is a self-managed and independent body which seeks to support an important instance of knowledge transfer in the artistic area, trying to turn, the displacement and the decentralisation of the common spaces of knowledge related to the exercise of the art of the region. one of its objectives is to create networks that allow the sustainability of the artistic project, also working the cultural management as a key f…

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Grant Michael Jacobs to travel journalists

The Foundation Gabriel García Márquez for the Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano – FNPI – and there are Festival Cartagena summon Michael Jacobs scholarship for travel journalists. the first edition of Michael Jacobs scholarship has an endowment of $ 5,000 and is aimed at journalists who are developing an article or original travel book on Latin America and Spain. The winner will be invited to present the winning project in the there…

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Contest Chair wood Prize for the best thesis project

The school of architecture of the University of Navarra, along with the wooden chair, promotes this international competition that rewards the project end of career (PFC) which, by its quality, innovation, originality or creativity, highlight the use of wood and the aspects of sustainability within an architectural project.  in this way, an award shall be granted to the PFC which the jury considers of higher quality that they have served the…

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Scholarship Pablo Motos Spanish Federation of Cystic Fibrosis

The Spanish Federation of Cystic Fibrosis summons the research fellowship Pablo Motos 2012. may choose to grant any person or resident professional group in Spain that present a research project related to the disease. The scholarship will be to develop a research project which will have a maximum duration of two years. staffing will be a maximum of 18,000 euros. 40% Of the total will be paid at the beginning of the project, 30% in the middl…

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Round III of the Fund of entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol

Entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol Fund promotes the development of business projects designed to provide improvements in the efficient use of energy and natural resources, through the call for a process of presentation and selection of projects in accordance with the following principles: the deadline for submitting applications ends on November 15, 2013 within 24 hours of the Spanish peninsular schedule. Podran participate all those individu…

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Scholarships international mobility in Russia

…ting the assignment of a coordinator or academic tutor.  − demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the language of the country of destination or, in their absence, English or the language in which it is to develop the research project.     features of the stay: − stays will be between 3 and 5 months (from September 2015).  − Fellows receive a travel bag in concept of compensation for the costs of travel and subsistence, being exempt from a…

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Scholarship training BlankPaper school

BlankPaper school announces its 6th training scholarships. Three scholarships in the realization of the Master BlankPaper creation and development of a personal project in Madrid, the annual course of new photojournalism in Madrid and the annual course of documentary photography in Valencia are awarded. plus mainly the personal view of the author and the ability to propose a project of interest to perform during the course. These grants are in…

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