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CFSP Scholarships for Developing Countries of La Francophonie in Canada, 2017

The Government of Canada is offering Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP) which is open to nationals from developing countries of La Francophonie. These scholarships are granted for a university education 2nd cycle (Master) and 3rd cycle (Doctorate) and technical and vocational training. The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program is a scholarship program designed to build institutional capacities by training nationals of 37 countr…

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MOH Healthcare Graduate Studies Award in Singapore, 2016

…ibility of health services, and monitoring the quality of health services provided to citizens and visitors in the Republic of Singapore. Students need to demonstrate that they have a good level of written and spoken English. List of Subjects: Audiology, Biostatistics, Clinical Psychology, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Medical Informatics, Public Health and Speech Therapy College Admission Requirement Entrance Requirement: Applicants must poss…

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Master’s degree in public management and leadership scholarships

…d public management aimed at civil servants foreign, mainly American. the BOE has published the order of granting of a maximum of twenty scholarships to foreign students of the Master in leadership and public administration by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in his modality, summoned by the INAP, 2014-2015 Edition, enabling them to cover the cost of travel to Spain, to facilitate their participation and contribute to the professio…

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China ICO Foundation scholarships

…, at the request of interested parties and once valued obtained merit. You will be assigned, as a maximum, forty percent of the scholarships of this call to grant extensions to the previous.  Such extensions shall be governed by these rules except for the program of study, which may include, depending on the adequacy of the profiles, companies and collaborating institutions, unpaid internships and by a limited number of hours during the second se…

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Scholarship photography soups

…hich reside in the city of Mexico. Participants must send five photographs of free form and theme, which demonstrates its potential as a photographer and to define their interests. in addition, each work must be accompanied by a text that define the following: what is photography? What does the picture? What defines a photographer? work must be entirely original, unpublished and may not participate in any other call. Materials which do not c…

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Mobility between institutions associated to the 2013 AUIP

…25, 2013. For trips that will be carried out between January and June 2014, the call closes on October 30, 2013. selection of candidates shall be communicated within 30 days following the close of application deadlines. The list will appear on the www.auip.org page and will be notified personally selected via e-mail….

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At the Central European University 2013 PhD scholarships

…strate that you will conclude at the time of entering the doctoral program at the CEU. This study must belong to the area of interest of the doctorate. Have good command of the English language.    Other requirements required by each Department for admission to the PhD program.      required documentation: application form complete the CEU Letters of recommendation Proof of qualifications Curriculum vitae including a list of publications ma…

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Scholarships for courses of English UMH

…f English during the 1st semester of the academic year 2012 / 2013. the amount of grants per beneficiary will be 120 euros. They will be paid to order of UMH, to the beneficiary through entry into the bank account indicated by this, which must be holder. beneficiaries must sign the document of acceptance of aid that should be referred to the international relations office along with a copy of the first page of the bank card stating the accoun…

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Fundación Barrié 45 scholarships postgraduate

…enrolment in the Centre of destination, without limit. The exact amount that will be paid in respect of registration will be consistent with the figures contained in the request. For MBA programs and graduate programs taught by business schools, the grant will reach a maximum of 30,000 euros to cover tuition fees. Insurance accident and disease when the destination countries have no concert with Spanish Social security or coverages were insuffic…

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Grants creation Foundation Antonia Gala

…of the Spain-Portugal border cooperation 2007-2013, along with the University of Salamanca, the Fundaçâo Robinson, the Fundação Eugenio de Almeida, the Câmara Municipal de Serpa and the center of Iberian studies, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fundthe 12th convocation of squares makes public to stimulate and promote the creation, which will be governed according to the following the purpose of this call is, support and promot…

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