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13 Scholarships from the Chinese Government

…as well as host Chinese universities), see the website of the scholarship Board of the Ministry of education of China. the petitioners must first register on the platform of CSC and follow the instructions. The application form is formed automatically online. NO AGENCY code. for applicants from Spain is 7241. After printing the form of filling online application (need print two requests), along with the remains (one original and two copies mor…

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Scholarship DES summer 2014 in management, leadership and educational competition

…). Not having any kind of impediment administrative, judicial or immigration, the latter in the case who win international DES scholarship.   presentation a. copy of valid ID required documents. b. unique registration form c. affidavit (Annex N ° 03) do not have criminal or judicial administrative pending, or background processes. d. University admission certificate. e. copy fedat’s teaching professional title. f. copy fe…

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Grants reciprocity Chile Mexico 2014

The Agency of international cooperation of Chile (AGCI) offers scholarships from the academic year 2014 national professionals in Mexico who have a professional degree in order to carry out accredited master’s degree studies at universities or other institutions of higher education Chilean. the purpose of the scholarship program of AGCI is to contribute to the formation of advanced human capital, through the participation of Mexican stu…

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Mains 2014 SEPI Foundation grants

…gal situation of unemployment at the time of the award and acceptance of the scholarship.    Not to be beneficiary of a Foundation scholarship program, or have renounced any scholarships awarded by this institution during the formative period, preferably not have enjoyed for more than 6 months for another scholarship in REE with similar characteristics, except the corresponding to higher level training cycles and from FCT.  requests must be mad…

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Hephaestus Foundation scholarships Universia-INAEM 2014

…s. applications must be submitted by 3 October of 2014 before 00: 00 hours (Pacific time). applications should be submitted only via telematics on the address enabled to do so by Foundation Universia, fill in application form and attaching the additional documentation in Word format .doc or Adobe Acrobat. pdf. together with the application form must provide the following documentation: personal project in which are explain the choice of…

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Scholarship Erasmus Kutxabank 2013 / 2014

…o 1,500 Euros for the period of May 1, 2012 to May 1, 2013. – Be holder of at least two insurance KUTXABANK into force on May 1, 2013. to apply for the aid, interested students must complete and send the application form via this website. Applications received in this way will be only supported. for which the application is admitted, it is necessary to send the authorization signed by the parents / guardians and the DNI scanned them,…

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Grants Master of energy and environment in United Kingdom

…re the closing of the call for scholarships of the Iberdrola Foundation. Candidates who do not submit such proof will be rejected in the selection process.   to apply for the scholarship, the applicant must submit completed form electronic solicitud1 before 14.00 hours (GMT + 1) on April 3, 2014, attaching the documents specified below, which must be called with the number of document followed by the surname of the applicant.  – docume…

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Scholarship Adriano 2014-2015

…two. Students of second and subsequent courses organized by modules must provide proof of having passed one number of modules that eighty per cent of the total number of hours of the course that had been registered during the former at least. The scholarship shall not be granted to those who are repeating course totally or partially. In the case of students who have repeated course, means that it meets the academic requirement to be fellow when i…

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Scholarship Foundation quotes 2014-2015

…ypes: to) mode: A1: total cost of tuition + cost rates UC.  A2: Total cost of tuition.   b) mode B: B1: partial cost (50%) tuition + cost rates UC.  B2: Partial cost (50%) tuition.   applicants should submit completed form of scholarship application that is included as an annex to this call accompanying supporting documentation of its merits: student incoming at the University – photocopy of the national identity card (DNI). …

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Erasmus practical VIU scholarships

…al searches that are suited to their interests. In order to apply for Erasmus practical scholarship student should contact the company of your choice and having an acceptance in writing which shall submit with the application form. for 2013-2014 scholarship Endowment is: 1. an economic bag of 300 euros for each month of duration of stay. 2. Extra help from the MEC of: a. an amount of 100 euros per month in addition and only beneficiaries who h…

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