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Creation of ship 73 performing arts scholarships

Ship 73, through this first call for proposals aimed at the establishment of performing arts, awards two scholarships to professional companies in order to promote projects of experimentation or creation that favour development in the artistic and cultural field of the performing arts. among its objectives include: promote the creation of performing arts. To promote professionalism in the performing arts. Relaunch scenic creation projects. S…

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Studies on public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Regional program of scholarships of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences Announces the launch of the competition of projects of research CLACSO-SIDA 2013 aimed at researchers in Latin America and the Caribbean on studies on public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean This contest is a new initiative which aims to build bridges between social science research and the development of public policies in the countries of the regio…

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Endesa for Latin America’s cultural heritage scholarship

The Endesa Foundation calls the 14 Edition of scholarships Endesa for Latin America’s cultural heritage, in collaboration with the Secretariat of State of culture of the Ministry of education, culture and sport and the Coordination Center of training Hispanic Foundation Dukes of Soria. these scholarships allow to participate in a program of training non-compulsory studies in the field of cultural heritage, which will run through practice…

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Support for archives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

Mapfre Foundation has decided to promote, on a biennial basis and through its Institute of culture, the Mapfre Foundation support for archives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Podran choose Help files and other institutions, public and private, depository of funds or documentary collections of historical character and interest to the research of the history of the countries of Latin America, Portugal and Spain. As “funds or documen…

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Scholarships PhD at the Universidad Estadual Paulista of Brazil

Scholarship program to study PhD in Universidad Estadual Paulista (UNESP) is a line of action of the programme of support to foreign students of PhD (PAEDEx). program offers 21 scholarships for doctoral studies for a maximum period of 48 months. It is aimed at teachers and not Brazilian researchers, linked to institutions of higher education of any Latin American country (including Spain and Portugal) that are primarily embedded in association…

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International cooperation of New Zealand and Latin America Fellowship

The program of international cooperation of New Zealand offers scholarships to citizens of developing countries motivated to generate positive change in their countries. countries eligible for these grants in Latin America are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela. as part of the grant of the development program it is…

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25 grants universities students Latin America and Portugal

The Mapfre Foundation Announces 25 scholarships in order to facilitate University students in Latin America and Portugal a period of training in universities and Spanish institutions during the academic year 2012-2013 on topics related to the different areas of activity of the Insurance Institute of Science: insurance and risk management. the total amount of each scholarship is 4,000 euros, apply the deduction that the fiscal regulations curre…

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Latin America young professors, researchers and PhD scholarships

Now open the call for scholarships Latin America. Young teachers, researchers and doctoral students. Santander universities that this year there will be 1,000 scholarships for the whole of the countries of the Ibero-American community. the programme is aimed on the one hand, to the teaching and research staff of Spanish universities with existing agreement with Santander, and to officials and staff in the service of own and mixed centres of t…

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Grants Latin America young teachers and researchers

Banco Santander convenes a new edition of the Ibero-America scholarship program. Young teachers and researchers. Santander universities which facilitates the mobility of young researchers and university professors among Ibero-American research centers and universities.¬† in this fourth edition will be awarded 800 grants for the whole of the countries of the Ibero-American community. The programme is aimed at the educational and investigating p…

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Mobility between Andalusian universities and Latin America scholarships

Scholarships of mobility between Andalusian universities and Latin America is an initiative that is part of the programmatic performance of promotion of the postgraduate and doctoral studies, included in the Plan of action of the Association Universitaria Iberoamericana de postgraduate AUIP. The program is sponsored by the Andalusian Council of universities and the Ministry of innovation, science and business of the Junta de Andaluc√≠a. this pr…

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