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The Madrid City Council grants for graduate students

…end on June 23, 2014 at 14:00 (hours of Madrid, Spain). – hand or by postal mail: in the student residence (C / Pinar, 23, Madrid 28006) during 9:00 to 19:00 hours or by certified mail to the same address. at the close of the deadline for submission will not accept any application, except for requests that are received with postage stamp certifying the consignment within the. – Electronic repairs: by filling in the applicat…

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Network of schools of music Valencia scholarships

…licant completed his music studies during the academic year 2013 / 2014 in which is made to record the subjects studied in the current course of the applicant and the amount paid in the year 2013/14 by way of registration and classes, in accordance with annex III. g) certificate of the FSMCV on the membership of the network of music schools of the FSMCV School of music. This certificate will be issued directly from the FSMCV to the Commission&#…

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Fellowships Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs 2014

…c year.  documentation will be sent by e-mail to The documentation is not received within the period stipulated in the rules of this contest will not be accepted.  candidates should submit attached to the mail application, before Friday, January 31: CV of maximum one page (A4), including the data of contact (email and phone) and age or date of birth Report of experience as an entrepreneur: maximum three pages (excluding ann…

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Ortega y Gasset of Photojournalism Awards

…luded). For the category digital journalism, which involves online participation, all entries received within these dates will be considered within time. For the other categories, which require the sending of documentation by mail, all entries received by the country through postal mail certified during those dates will be considered within time.  Those shares that occur prior to or subsequent to the dates outlined above, although the access to p…

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Scholarship Torrado concrete

…is transport concept provides two trips (roundtrip) to the place of residence. The rest of travel which may be made shall be borne by count of the scholarship. In any case, the amount of the scholarship may be used to pay for clothing or equipment necessary for the formation of the student. the call will be trianualmente, even though the election determined by the jury as the recipient of the scholarship may enjoy it for three consecutive acade…

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Lawyers Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and United Kingdom

…of despatch earlier than 14: 00 on 21 September. In addition, for the purpose of having the application from the time of expiry of the deadline, is necessary to send by fax (91 576 29 91) or electronic ( mail the claim form along with proof of shipping issued or stamped by post before 14: 00 on 21 September. initially examine the provided documentation and will be confirmed by telephone to candidates that meet the conditions requir…

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Scholarship Research Psychiatry of children and adolescents

…tions should be submitted according to the downloadable form from the web site and they must be sent by February 15, 2014 in the following manner: 1.-application form-bound printed paper, by mail or delivered in hand, to the attention of: Fundación Alicia Koplowitz Miss Monica Garcia Paseo de la Castellana, 28 – 4 º 28046 Madrid 2-a single PDF document, with the full application form, identifying…

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Broom Foundation scholarships

…he nominations received from August 1 until October 15 of each year. Once received the information requested will begin a period of evaluation and selection of applicants. Results will be reported to each of the applicants by mail around the 15 of December of each year. pre-selected students must attend a personal interview as a last resort of the evaluation process; the place and date of the same will be agreed with the authorities of the Foun…

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Scholarship practical Administrative Assistant Office of EGFR in Brussels

…family or certificate of registration, in addition to documentation, in simple copy, certifying compliance with the requirements for admission and merit relationship pointing the call. the request will be sent by certified mail with return receipt requested or presented at Fundación Galicia Europe records (do street of the Hórreo, 61? 3rd, 15701 Santiago de Compostela, or Rue de la Loi 38, bte.2, 1040 Bruxelles), until November 28, 2013. If th…

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Prize international interactive book in Spanish Paula Benavides

…in both cases for download, installation and execution should not require additional software. work will be delivered in the Center Multimedia of the Centro Nacional de the Artes, located in Rio Churubusco 79, Col. Country Club, Coyoacan, c.p. 04220, Mexico, d.f., from 10:00 to 15:00 hours. this call will be in effect until 15:00 hours of the 18 of October 2013. No work will be accepted after this date. In the case of parts sent by mail or c…

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