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Scholarships for training of professionals in the area of open Government

…ernment, based in the Lehendakaritza, c / Navarra, 2-01007 Vitoria – Gasteiz (Álava), and may be submitted by any of the following means: to) in person at the offices of care citizen of the Basque Government or at the places specified in Article 38.4 of law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure, using normalized instance, duly completed in all respects. The application form is…

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Juan San Martin Scholarship research

The Town Hall of Eibar, in collaboration with the Basque Summer University, calls a research grant, with the aim of promoting research in euskara and pay homage to the vascologo and Eibar researcher Juan San Martin. areas of research are the San Juan Martín cultivated throughout his life: anthropology, Linguistics, philology, toponymy, philosophy, literature, Botany, art, history, journalism, Ethnology, mountaineering and law. In the call fo…

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Scholarship practical Administrative Assistant Office of EGFR in Brussels

…family or certificate of registration, in addition to documentation, in simple copy, certifying compliance with the requirements for admission and merit relationship pointing the call. the request will be sent by certified mail with return receipt requested or presented at Fundación Galicia Europe records (do street of the Hórreo, 61? 3rd, 15701 Santiago de Compostela, or Rue de la Loi 38, bte.2, 1040 Bruxelles), until November 28, 2013. If th…

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Scholarship Research Psychiatry of children and adolescents

…tions should be submitted according to the downloadable form from the web site and they must be sent by February 15, 2014 in the following manner: 1.-application form-bound printed paper, by mail or delivered in hand, to the attention of: Fundación Alicia Koplowitz Miss Monica Garcia Paseo de la Castellana, 28 – 4 º 28046 Madrid 2-a single PDF document, with the full application form, identifying…

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Prize international interactive book in Spanish Paula Benavides

With the purpose of promoting reading through the e-book; encourage the development of technologies applied to literary creation; support the marketing of books over the Internet and encourage authors whose means of production is linked to new platforms, the National Council for culture and the Arts (Conaculta) opens the third edition of the international prize interactive flip book in Spanish Paula Benavides, who will award the following prizes…

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Call XicoFest

…Promotion of the winning video link the round flight borne by “XOLO”. ” Lodging in hotel and internal travel in France are paid by TV5MONDE. promotion of the winning video will be on web sites and social networks of the sponsoring companies….

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Round III of the Fund of entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol

…ing “How to participate” in the website of the Fund). of the Repsol group employees may participate in this call whenever the contents of their possible nominations is not directly related to the functions those playing in their present work posts, or which had played in previous positions. languages of submission of proposals will be Spanish or English. nominations must include at least the following data requested in the form…

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Supports Merck Serono research 2014

…ble on the Web, and present the project drawn up in the Spanish language). • overview, (maximum one sheet). • history on the topic (maximum two sheets). • objectives • methodology • work Plan • expected results • feasibility of patentability of research project • detailed budget • bibliography • works developed by the research team in the last five years related to the proposed topic (maximum two she…

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Gaselec Foundation scholarship for excavations in Egypt

The Foundation Gaselec announces a grant for a collaborative volunteer project “vizier Amen-Hotep Huy (TA No. 28)”, in the campaign of the year 2014 excavations carried out by the Institute of studies of the ancient Egypt (IEAE) in Luxor, Egypt. You will be assigned a financial support to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, transportation, visas, insurance and maintenance, in accordance with the conditions and form established…

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Scholarships Europe University Francisco de Vitoria

…h email and postal address of the Center. Once delivered the codes to different 1st solo BACH pupils have to wait to you to thank you the opportunity. * where no reached the program information to it along the Noviembre´13, please, get in touch with the European Secretariat of scholarships. They facilitate all the process. are candidates to participate in the program all students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from any college or…

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