list of students accepted at copperbelt university or 2014 intake

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Scholarship Foundation quotes 2014-2015

This public call is intended to publicize the scholarship program offered by the Comillas Foundation for its official university studies degree at the International University Centre of superior studies of the Spanish (CIESE – quotes). In particular, for the academic year 2014 – 2015 calls 24 scholarships, which can be ordered until September 2, 2014. the aim of these grants is to ensure conditions of equality of the right to educ…

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Scholarship Adriano 2014-2015

egime of the scholarships and personalized study assistance. Achieve an average mark to 5 points and less than the mark established in the regulations of the Ministry of education, when it is set above 5 points, to the course or test access to the teachings which requested the scholarship. Overcome the workload then indicated: second and subsequent courses organized by subjects students must provide proof of having passed all the subjects of the…

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Social scholarships Carrefour 2014

Call for scholarships Carrefour for the payment of public prices of tuition for the academic year 2013 / 2014, for students of the University of Cordoba facing financial hardships for the completion of his university studies. these social grants are targeted to students studies degree from the University of Cordoba which are able to finish their studies, having been enrolled to a maximum of 60 credits in grade, or 5 subjects, in the case of a…

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Universia scholarships Capacitas 2013-2014

cess and progress in their University academic learning process until the completion of studies, thus increasing the achievement of a quality employment opportunities. Podran apply for scholarships students who are enrolled or are able to enroll for the first time in teaching undergraduate and graduate officers given by Spanish universities and to legally credited a disability equal to or greater than 33%. Also, the teachings of old plans of st…

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Aid to the University for the academic year 2014/15 in Galicia

The Department of culture, education and University planning. Xunta de Galicia by order of 10 December 2014 approves the bases and announcing grants for university studies in the course academic 2014/15 of a second and subsequent courses in the universities of the University system of Galicia. call for proposals provides aid to finance the costs of enrollment in the academic year 2014/15 of the students of second and subsequent courses enrolle…

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Scholarship DES summer 2014 in management, leadership and educational competition

idenced training unrelated demands of local and regional development, so it required greater attention in their performance as the students in training.  La DES scholarship will be granted a maximum of 260 beneficiaries in order to follow the seminar of management, leadership and educational competitiveness that dictate the ESAN University, to full-time, for thirty-five days and a dictation of 200 (two hundred) hours effective.  a. Peruvi…

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Scholarship Foundation Universia Capacitas 2014-2015

New call for Universia Capacitas Foundation scholarship program, which promotes the integration of people with disabilities in the socio-labour field through economic aid so that students with disabilities can continue with his training. these grants can be requested by Spanish or foreign students with legal residence in Spain who are enrolled or will do so for the first time in official studies degree and graduate in any University in the wo…

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UQ Merit Scholarships in Music for Undergraduate Students in Australia, 2015

Scholarship has a value of $6,000. Students applying for entry to the Bachelor of Music (Honours), the Bachelor of Music (Honours) / Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music (Honours / Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Music (Honours) / Bachelor of Education are encouraged to apply. In 2015 the University will be awarding 5 UQ Merit Music Scholarships, valued at $6000 for the first year of study, for Year 12 school leavers and gap year studen…

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Global Development Scholarship for Masters Students in UK, 2016-2017

University of Bradford is pleased to offer Global Development Scholarship in UK. Scholarships are available for masters degree programme at University of Bradford. The aim of the Global Development Scholarship is to enable and encourage academically able students. The University of Bradford is a public, plate glass university located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. University aims to lead the world in research and education. Li…

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Social aid University of Granada

The University of Granada, aware of the difficulties that may affect their students in the current socio-economic context and also considering the problems of diverse nature, which prevent them from dealing with expenses arising from their condition of students who, for various reasons, cannot access grants from the Ministry of education and culture or those of the University of Granada published a call for social aid, of an extraordinary nature…

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