list of primary teachers for transfer pithoragarh

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Scholarships, degree, post-graduate or research in the Slovak Republic

The creation of the national scholarship program in support of the mobility of University students, students, University teachers and researchers was approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic in 2005. The national programme of scholarships of the Slovak Republic is funded by the Ministry of education, science, research and sport of the Slovak Republic. the program national of scholarship of the Slovak Republic is intended to support th…

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16th scholarships of the REAP for research in primary care

 The Spanish network of primary care (REAP) opens its scholarships to present research projects. the award is subject to the following conditions: the research topics of the projects who wish to apply for aid focus, will be planned, developed and applied in the field of primary health care in Spain. principal investigator, and the majority of the members of the research team, should actively work in primary care in Spain. Will be valued po…

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Art of the three pines Foundation scholarships

In order to promote the arts, the three pines Foundation calls their scholarships targeting artists from around the world, from 2 June to 28 November 2014 they can carry out major exchange in the world of creativity. The three pines Foundation scholarship will be directed by one of the most prestigious representatives of the art in Argentina, Juan Astica. the conditions of the grant are as follows: 1) start date is on June 2, 2014 and ends N…

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Fundación Mapfre program agrees

Mapfre Foundation launches, through his program agrees, the aid program for books and school materials for the 2013-2014 in order to improve the conditions of life of groups most disadvantaged. in this way, may apply for these scholarships families with children enrolled in the 2013-2014 school year in primary and that levels in an education centre audience concluded or private nationwide. In addition, it is essential to have made a booking o…

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Exchange program of the UPTC for teachers of English

If you are a teacher of English and you are working in the official sector, you can apply for the program of language assistants Exchange promoted by the Colombian Institute for educational credit and technical studies abroad (ICETEX) to become assistant teachers of Spanish in the United Kingdom. This program period lasts from 1 September 2015 and may 31, 2016, making it a complete educational course. East of Exchange program provides up to 16…

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Fundación Carolina scholarships graduate

Carolina Foundation opens a new scholarship program to facilitate and promote the expansion of studies of university graduates as well as the specialization and updating knowledge of postgraduate students, teachers, researchers, artists and professionals from Latin American countries members of the Ibero-American community of Nations and Portugal. for the academic year 2014-2015, the training activities of the Fundación Carolina is articulated…

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English scholarships for teachers abroad

Aid for English language abroad courses for graduates in master’s degree in teaching of compulsory secondary education and baccalaureate, vocational training and teaching of languages, to teachers and students of leading lessons to obtain the degree of master. many are the reasons behind the need to enhance the learning of foreign languages. Reasons of cultural, educational, político and económico have led to the Council of Europe to r…

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Scholarships PhD at the Universidad Estadual Paulista of Brazil

Scholarship program to study PhD in Universidad Estadual Paulista (UNESP) is a line of action of the programme of support to foreign students of PhD (PAEDEx). program offers 21 scholarships for doctoral studies for a maximum period of 48 months. It is aimed at teachers and not Brazilian researchers, linked to institutions of higher education of any Latin American country (including Spain and Portugal) that are primarily embedded in association…

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Scholarships for courses of immersion in English language UIMP

Resolution of 25 January 2013, of the Secretary of State for education, vocational training and universities, which calls AIDS to participate in immersion in English language courses organised by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, aimed at graduates in master’s degree in Faculty of education compulsory secondary education, vocational training and teaching of languages and teachers. many are the reasons that support the need t…

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Grants Latin America young teachers and researchers

Banco Santander convenes a new edition of the Ibero-America scholarship program. Young teachers and researchers. Santander universities which facilitates the mobility of young researchers and university professors among Ibero-American research centers and universities.  in this fourth edition will be awarded 800 grants for the whole of the countries of the Ibero-American community. The programme is aimed at the educational and investigating p…

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