la believesscholarship grant for school year 2014 2015 application

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Booty curating exhibitions and museums 2014-2015 management scholarships

…ot meeting the above requirements, can demonstrate training in the field. Possess Spanish nationality, or demonstrate the residence from the five years preceding the application. Have between 23 and 40 years. Mastering the language of the country where the chosen Center is. Having the acceptance in writing of the chosen training centre. The time of enjoyment of this scholarship will be a school year in the chosen Center. The total endowment…

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Scholarship Foundation Fuentes Dutor 2014

The Cátedra College of engineers industrial of the public University of Navarre is financed by the official College of industrial engineers of Navarre and aims to contribute to the generation of knowledge in the areas of mechanical engineering. It supports and encourages research and professional activity of industrial engineers. La Commission joint of follow-up of the Chair, within its programme of activities for the year 2014, has approved t…

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Sir Simon Milton Undergraduate Scholarship at Westminster University in UK, 2015

succeed and achieve in higher education. Applicants will be entering their first year in 2015 of an undergraduate Politics, History, Engineering or Construction-focussed course. All applicants will be informed of the results later that month. Applicants will need to complete an application form, which includes a personal statement and will submit it via email. The Foundation’s Scholarship will only be used to support undergraduate tuition fe…

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Scholarship Foundation quotes 2014-2015

This public call is intended to publicize the scholarship program offered by the Comillas Foundation for its official university studies degree at the International University Centre of superior studies of the Spanish (CIESE – quotes). In particular, for the academic year 2014 2015 calls 24 scholarships, which can be ordered until September 2, 2014. the aim of these grants is to ensure conditions of equality of the right to educ…

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Scholarships Concha García Campoy 2014

Next International Business School, with the aim of contributing to the memory of the journalist Concha García Campoy, former teacher of this school of business, announces the second edition of the special scholarship for the Master of advanced Integral communication issued by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo and directed by journalist and doctor in sociology Manuel Campo Vidal. in this way, the Next IBS announces a 100% scholarsh…

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Photography scholarships GrisArt 2014

GrisArt 2014 scholarships allow young photographers with talent from accessing the professional courses of studies professionals of GrisArt Plan. In this way, young people of all nationalities, whose age is between 20 and 35 years (inclusive) may be submitted. Participants must demonstrate their photographic skills and knowledge flowed from the Spanish language. in the convocation of scholarships GrisArt 2014 are presented six modes of scholar…

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Social scholarships Carrefour 2014

Call for scholarships Carrefour for the payment of public prices of tuition for the academic year 2013 / 2014, for students of the University of Cordoba facing financial hardships for the completion of his university studies. these social grants are targeted to students studies degree from the University of Cordoba which are able to finish their studies, having been enrolled to a maximum of 60 credits in grade, or 5 subjects, in the case of a…

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Different types of scholarships to the University of Dundee

The University of Dundee wants to continue to attract outstanding students from all sides of the world, and offer a range of new international scholarships for 2015/16. The scholarships are as follows: Discover Dundee International Scholarship La Discover Dundee International Scholarship is open to undergraduate studies and international postgraduate applicants. International applicants are guaranteed to be awarded £1,000 per year, which wil…

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Fellowships at Manchester University for the academic year 2015-2016

Manchester University is offering scholarships, each with a value of £2,500, international students who enroll in the full-time undergraduate programs. to be eligible for these scholarships, you can do it if you meet three requirements: you are a student who does not have the nationality of the United Kingdom. you have an offer to study at an undergraduate at Manchester University to start in September of the year 2015. are not already s…

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Grant authors novice 2014 PhotOn Festival

PhotOn Festival has always dedicated a significant part of its programming to support photography made by authors who are still not known by the public through the PhotOn call for novice authors, that structure all activities relating to this group, such as the call of the IV scholarship PhotOn Festival, portfolio viewing sessions, as well as projections of new authors. Within this framework we launched one more year the scholarship PhotOn Festi…

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