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Gabriel García Márquez cultural Journalism Scholarship

…understanding the universes created by García Márquez. To better understand this relationship, we recommend the reading of his book of memoirs “Live to tell”. reporters who make part of this experience will work guided by great career colleagues, who will accompany the entire process along with invited experts, who will help to expand the view and the criterion that should approximate to the facts and figures that will be protagonis…

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Call for scholarships of collaboration Basque Government

Call for scholarships of collaboration for the academic year 2012-2013. The purpose of this call is collaboration grants aimed at college students who enrolled in the final year of studies leading to official titles of degree, Bachelor’s degree, engineering or architecture, to cooperate in regime of compatibility with his studies at centres of the University in the academic year 2012-2013. not be granted these scholarships to students wh…

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BBK program Professional Internships

The programme of assistance of BBK Fundazioa and the University of Deusto BBK Professional Internships, with the support of the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, moves to promote the international mobility of youth of Bizkaia to perform practical training related to their academic and professional profile. For this it convened 15 fellowships of six months duration. the goal is focused on providing persons entitled in master’s degree from the…

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Scholarships Aitana – Erasmus and Leonardo Da Vinci

The University of Alicante convenes the Aitana scholarships – Erasmus and Leonardo Da Vinci addressed to: Students of official degrees of the AU which have passed at least 50% of the credits of his or her qualifications and who will be enrolled in the academic year 2012-2013. In the case of an official master’s degree students, the only requirement is enrolled in the academic year 2012-2013. Entitled or titled au who obtained his degree i…

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Kevlar scholarships for courses of Photojournalism of Reporter Academy

The Association of photojournalists Kevlar in its effort to improve training in the field of photography and photojournalism Announces 10 new scholarships to participate in the courses of Photojournalism that Reporter Academy carry out in the Balkans in/December 2013 to September 2014. These scholarships are awarded to people with photographic knowledge and interest in the Photojournalism of between 18 and 35 years. will be awarded a total of…

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Miguel de Cervantes, residence and collaboration grants

The University of Alcalá convened through the Vice-Rectorates of postgraduate and continuing education and international relations, 100 grants residence and cooperation Miguel de Cervantes for Master students during the academic year 2013-2014. Las scholarships Miguel de Cervantes cover the accommodation costs while beneficiaries are the studies that have been selected. For your enjoyment fellows must collaborate on tasks of assisting the teac…

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Scholarship Signus agency EFE of young environmental journalism

Signus (integrated system of management of tyres used), Ripoll and EFEescuela of the EFE agency, in order to promote specialization in environmental journalism among college students, summon a scholarship for training in Ripoll/efficiency (area of diffusion of environmental, scientific and technological information of EFE) a year – from July 1, 2013 to 30 June 2014 – internship for students in the last year of journalism or Audiovisu…

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Beca BBVA AM in asset management

BBVA Asset Management is the management of investment funds and plans of pension of the BBVA group and stands as a global reference in the world of asset management, in the case of the management company number one in Spain and offering its services to more than one million participants, among whom are individual investors, companies and public institutions. this responsibility leads to compromising with the people and the society, with the in…

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Scholarship Torrado concrete

The dancing House convenes a scholarship for young Spanish students of dance. In order to stimulate vocational training is called tri-anual way the Hormigon-torrado scholarship. It is a scholarship intended and created to complete the training of performers in ballet. call this is an incentive for young students, and a new opportunity to vindicate the figure of the Spanish professional interpreter. is created for the first seen in this year…

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Supports University without resources of Galicia

The purpose of this order is to regulate proceedings for the grant of aid to students who curse University studies leading to the Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor degree, engineer, architect, graduate, teacher, engineer and technical architect, in the academic year 2013/14, in the universities of the University system of Galicia, with an urgent need for economic resources motivated by which have arisen and unforeseen causes that impede them or…

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