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Superior Council of sports postgraduate scholarships

/ 2010. the qualifications obtained abroad or in Spanish non-State centres shall be confirmed or recognised previously to the final resolution of the call. In his case, at the time of the request, the applicant may justify documents that appropriate recognition and validation is in process of processing. the duration of the fellowships will extend from its concession and formal acceptance by the fellow (subsequent to the selection process) u…

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Research scholarship for students of translation and interpreting

dcho campus A11, Soria 42004, the deadline for the same ends on September 30, 2013. requests are formalized according to the standard model that is included in annex 2 of this call and must be accompanied by the following documents: • photocopy of DNI, equivalent to national EU or passport to the rest of foreigners. • photocopy of the document of affiliation to the Social Security • Declaration by the applicant not to be beneficiary of…

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Superior Council of sports postdoctoral fellowships

…le on the website of the Superior Council of sport www.csd.gob.es/ electronic site / catalog of formalities / procedures 055078. applications may be on paper or via telematics. entries must be accompanied by the following documents: to) Curriculum vitae on the form accompanying the instance, with expression of academic merits and, if appropriate, professional or sports, together with the accreditation of the same. b) accreditation of the…

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Supports University without resources of Galicia

one or email 012.xunta.es. If doubts are related to this call, you can make inquiries at the e-mail address orientacion.sug@edu.xunta.es. you must attach to the application (annex I, model standardized ED433A) the following documents: to) copy of ID when the / the not authorized by applicant to the Department of culture, education and management Univeristaria to the consultation of data in the system of verification of identity data. b) jus…

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Fellowship Public Policy and Good Governance

…e call). Candidates who already have more than one year in Germany at the time of the grant may not occur to this call. documentation the record consists of an original game and 2 sets of identical copies of the following documents: Application with recent photographs and original signature form. “” Option should be marked on the homepage “Sonstige Programme” and append the name of the Fellowship “Public Policy a…

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Scholarship of excellence in creative talent

ither the Division of art, architecture and design (DAAD) races, and who commit themselves to devote himself full time to develop or increase their creative talents in the areas mentioned. the last day of receipt of initial documents will be April 15, the 22nd will proceed to notification of screening, interviews and tests to be in April and may, June 3 completes the term of receipt of documents of the pre-selected and the award will be known o…

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Scholarship Department of Flemish painting, Museo del Prado

…scholarship applicants. – exhibition of motives and results expected during the stay in the Department of Flemish painting and schools of the North in a maximum length of 300 words (double space). – supporting documents be aware of payment on their tax obligations and Social Security. Applicants may authorize to the NPM to gather the tax information from the AEAT by completing a notice of authorization based on the model reflected…

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Grant Area of library, archive and documentation of the Prado

…xtent, while taking into account the date of completion of PhD or other postgraduate studies. 4. Exhibition of motives and results expected on the project which is part of the scholarship, maximum 300 words. 5. Supporting documents to be aware of payment on their tax obligations and Social Security. Applicants may authorize the Museo Nacional del Prado to gather the tax information from the AEAT by completing a notice of authorization based o…

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Scholarships Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

…s, as set out in article 13 of law 38/2003 of 17 November, General grants, and in article 25 of the Royal Decree 887/2006, 21 July, which approves the regulation of the law 38/2003, 17 November, General grant. h) that other documents that are required in the application form. the deadline for submission of applications shall be fifteen calendar days from the day after the publication of this resolution in the official bulletin of the State….

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Scholarships Cevaz

…a grade point average equal to or greater than 17 points and submit a copy of the constancy of the last completed period notes, issued by the educational institution, even if it is not active student at the time of filing the documents. 6. Photocopy of identity card (or birth certificate if under). 7. Shortlisted applicants will present proof of attitude and placement test. documents must be delivered complete in a sealed envelope to the…

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