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Scholarships for courses above Chile

The Ministry of education (MINEDUC) has decided to open an application process to scholarships for courses top 2013, i.e. for those students who are already pursuing a career in any institution of higher education and to date, have not received any grant from the Ministry of education in the career that is studying, who will now have the opportunity to apply for these benefits. the nominations will be made in www.becasycreditos.cl between 3 an…

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AFIM Foundation scholarships for on-line courses for young people

The AFIM – help, training and integration of the disabled Foundation Announces 50,000 scholarships for Spain, Latin America and Spanish-speaking, aimed at the realization of five courses that the beneficiary choose from more 140 which has www.formacionsinbarreras.com on-line training platform. the selected courses may be made free of charge, paying 25 euros in management and administration, except for persons with disabilities that are e…

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Scholarships for summer courses in Germany for Colombians

se, as well as a number of 1175, – euros for travel (tickets). a general rule, the accommodation can be contracted through the course organizer. in the description of each course the applicant can find out about the price of the course and accommodation of each of the programs. So you can calculate the amount of the scholarship offered by the DAAD will spend for the course and accommodation and how much left for other expenses (food, tr…

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Menéndez Pelayo International University summer courses scholarships

t University students and postgraduates, and aims to promote participation in the courses who presented a brilliant academic career. there are two types of scholarship: Scholarship: includes accommodation, maintenance and price registration. The displacement shall be borne by the student. Tuition scholarship: exclusively comprises tuition free.    requirements: to) not having attained 40 years to 31 December 2013. b) applicants shall me…

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Collaboration scholarships for courses of Summer University of Burgos

The University of Burgos convenes seven scholarships of collaboration to carry out various activities in the summer courses at the UBU. The objective of these grants is to provide collaboration of summer courses address and service information and University Extension in those organizational tasks and necessary development for the correct development of the summer courses. the purpose of these scholarships is to collaborate in the general care…

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MIR, FIR and EIR courses scholarships

of the draw only are considered as valid forms of participation which had been filled in all required fields in a truthful way. A form will be only admitted per participant. participants who do not meet all the requirements listed in these rules not be entitled to any prize. once finished the period of participation in the promotion, among all those graduates in medicine or pharmacy and nurses who have completed the requested data, carried ou…

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Scholarships for language courses in the United Kingdom and Ireland

e for the payment of up to 90% of the amount of the course without that does not exceed, in any case, the amount of 800 euros. the object of the grant language course must meet the following conditions: be included in the list of language courses that offer the IVAJ.GVA JOVE, through Turivaj for this call. Have a duration of two weeks and a minimum number of hours of class or 20 classes per week. shall be carried out by the beneficiaries of…

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Scholarships for autumn University of Cadiz courses seminars

r this section will be of 2 points). Please note that only those courses that relate to the topic of the seminar is bareman.  seventh.-the scholarships resolution will be personally communicated to applicants by email.  listing of seminars for which is can apply for scholarship 20, 21 and 22 November E01 aspects legal and health in situations that affect the lower E02 energy certification of existing buildings 25, 26 and 27 November…

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Grants activities summer courses at the University of Burgos

Vice-Rectorate for students and University Extension of the University of Burgos convenes four collaboration grants for various activities of the summer courses. One of the scholarships will be responsible for overall coordination. the purpose of these scholarships is to collaborate in the general care of presenters, directors courses and students for the good development of the courses. the maximum amount of aid to be allocated will be 4,00…

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Scholarships for intensive German courses in Germany

The German service of academic exchange (DAAD) grants are intended to promote assistance to German language courses offered by an Institute specializing in the Federal Republic of Germany. The list of the intensive courses scholarship by the DAAD in 2014 is at this link. The scholarships have a duration of two months and can be enjoyed in the period between June and December. The scholarships are extended. The DAAD grants a partial scholarship f…

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