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Orange Tulip scholarship Scholarship Mexico

…gram is April 1, 2015. For some scholarships, the deadline can be before or after the general deadline of Orange Tulip Scholarship. application deadline November 24, 2014 – Utrecht University – Elevate Health date 9 January 2015 limit – Amsterdam School of the Arts – Netherlands Film Academy date deadline February 1, 2015 – your / e Eindhoven University of Technology date March 1, 2015 limit Delft Universi…

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Severo Ochoa of pre-doctoral aid 2013 programme

, build, or extensions of credit, subsequent to this resolution. This additional budget will be published in the official bulletin of the Principality of Asturias. may be beneficiaries of aid individuals who on the closing date of the deadline for submission of applications, the requirements specified in this call. seekers must prove, at the time of submission of the application, the requirements specified below for each of the ordinations o…

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Escuela de Organización Industrial master scholarships

…e aimed at qualified University residents and registered in any municipality in the province of A Coruña, preferably unemployed, who have completed their university studies at most in the seven years immediately preceding the date of commencement of the programme. each of the scholarships has a complement of 85% of the total price of the course. The participant must cover the remaining 15%, in accordance with the payment terms set out by EOI fo…

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Aid unemployed young linguistic competencies

-Lanbide Basque employment service announces aid to linguistic competencies by unemployed young people. regulation of subsidies service Lanbide Basque employment may be granted in the year 2012 to unemployed young persons attesting the acquisition of language skills in English, French or German, after conducting studies in this area. requirements be greater than 18 and less than 35 years old on the date of submission of the aid applicatio…

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DIRECTV Cinema Plus scholarships

s in United States. film to be submitted together with the application must comply with the following requirements: – must have been produced within the two years prior to the DIRECTV Cinema Plus scholarships start date. – In its entirety, must be an original work created, written, and directed only by the participant. – Must communicate a story or theme in 10 minutes or less (not accept clips or vignettes). –…

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Scholarships Culturex

…reference in the place indicated on the application form. If you select more than two, the first two options identified according to the order established in the application form shall only take into account. Fill in good and due form, the scholarship application form. Those applications which are not completed with the information required in each section will not be admitted for processing. They may not get the status of those beneficiaries who…

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Grant Michael Jacobs to travel journalists

…ip, the winner will be invited to present the project within the programming of the there are Festival Cartagena de Indias. The edition of the festival which will present the project will depend on the achievement of the same date. may participate in this call writers and journalists who write in Spanish or English. The candidate must have at least one book or article published at the time of submitting the application. You must submit: an au…

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Supports master in Galicia

The Xunta de Galicia Announces aid to finance the costs of registration in an official master’s degree offered by universities of the University system of Galicia during the 2014/15. Podran request such aid graduates unemployed on the date of publication of this order and which comply with the following requirements: to) be in possession of a degree College, issued prior to January 1, 2011, that gives access to the master’s degre…

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Scholarships postgraduate in statistics (INE)

…s well as the development and implementation of statistical processes, through the training of postgraduates. the period of enjoyment of each of the scholarships will be for six months, beginning on December 1, 2013, or the date stated in the communication of the grant if it is later. if any credit budget, adequate and sufficient, the duration of the scholarship may be extended for periods not exceeding six months until a period that in no ca…

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Master’s degree in public management and leadership scholarships

…unt of 1,200 euros per pupil. Only those non-resident beneficiaries are entitled to travel support in the Iberian Peninsula. only the help of travel reimbursement will take place within a period of 60 calendar days from the date of presentation of the supporting documents of the trip, i.e. the invoice of the ticket and the boarding card for the journey from the country of origin of the beneficiary to Spain. voyage date may not be earlier than…

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