international conferences on nanomaterials in india 2013 2014

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Scholarship MBA in China and India

o join the master in August 2014. The master has a duration of 16 months… In the case of scholarships for the ISB school, fellows must join mentioned school in April 2014 to begin their studies, which have a duration of one year. scholarship covers: ticket for round-trip aircraft from the closest airport to the usual address of the fellow to the airport in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Hyderabad/Mohali, by the most direct route, tourist-class…

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Scholarship Erasmus Kutxabank 2013 / 2014

of the stay at the destination University. – This quantity may be less in the event of the amount corresponding to the scholarships awarded exceeds the total quantity intended for this purpose. be taken into account only the months initially envisaged in the officer Exchange program, not considering the possible extensions of stay from which subsequently the student could benefit. You will be granted a single grant per person throughout…

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Erasmus practical VIU scholarships

The Valencia International University (VIU) convenes the Erasmus grants practical 2013-2014 covering practices made between 01/01/2014 and 30/09/2014 with a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months duration. to be eligible for one of these scholarships is requirement be the VIU student during the academic year 2013-2014 in any of the official qualifications, have passed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in the undergraduate degrees to start d…

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KIIT University India Scholarship Program (KUISP) for International Students, 2016

KIIT University India Scholarship Program (KUISP) is applicable only for international applicants. Scholarships are available for undergraduate or masters degree programme for all courses. The aim of the scholarship is to enable and encourage academically able students from any nationality. KIIT University, formerly Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, is a coeducational, autonomous university located atBhubaneswar in the Indian state of…

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Australian National University Scholarships for International Students, 2017

Australian National University Scholarships are open to Australian and international students. These scholarships are awarded to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and research programme at ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science. ANU is a world-leading university in Australia’s capital. Our focus is on research as an asset and an approach to education. All applicants, whether domestic or international, must provide evidence that their…

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Fellowships courses One Year (English or Spanish)

North, South, East, West is the theme proposed by the IED in Madrid for the new edition of the contest of scholarships courses One Year (Total Design, full Design Course, Fashion Communication). Annual experience around the design and communication of fashion. One of the three scholarships can be yours, and each of them covers 50% of the course fee. to participate you must write a text in English or Spanish (according to the chosen course) an…

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Grants Alumni UC3M 2014 2015

…ess than the reference to the grant of fixed amount linked to the residence of the student during the school year”of the Ministry of education, culture and sports (Art. 17.2 – threshold 2 – of the resolution on August 13, 2013, the Secretary of State for education, vocational training and universities), increased by 10%: Families of a member 14.559,60 euros families of two members 24.853,40 euros families of three members 33…

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Scholarship Foundation of osteopathy in Barcelona

One year more, the Fundació Barcelona, FOB, d´Osteopatia launches the system of scholarships for academic excellence. The scholarships are framed within projects and are intended for all students of the Escola d´Osteopatia de Barcelona, EOB. will be awarded a scholarship by course for the best academic record of the completion, on request. students new access will be able to access the scholarship of excellence aimed at students new access t…

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Aid of the University of Navarra

ested the call University of Navarra – Grupo Santander scholarship. And in all cases, it is essential to apply for grants from public bodies or any other institution, provided that their respective requirements are met. Only in the event that should not be granted, there will be possibility of benefiting from the call for aid. not already be in possession of an official university degree, unless you want to pursue a master’s degree….

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Scholarship Erasmus Kutxabank 2014-2015

y of Deusto and have been officially selected by their University to participate in the program of mobility of students for studies of the European Union during the academic year 2014 / 2015. all applicants must be at least one active Kutxabank, among the following cards young card holders: K26, K26 +, BBK26 Mastercard/Visa, Mastercard/Visa BBK26 +, Gaztekutxa Mastercard, Visa Gazte and young Telecaja (in the case of having more than 30 years,…

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