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University of Oviedo mobility grade, engineering and Bachelor’s degree

Call of mobilities of study for degree, engineering and undergraduate students of the University of Oviedo in the framework of the cooperation agreements signed with foreign universities, summer of 2014 and 2014-2015 academic year. the purpose of this call is to offer to students of the University of Oviedo the possibility of linguistic and cultural courses and degree, engineering studies and degree in various foreign universities, during the…

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Scholarship DES summer 2014 in management, leadership and educational competition

These rules are intended to adjust the criteria and procedures of the call to the 2014 competition, for the granting of the special scholarship for specialization in pedagogy, called “scholarship DES summer 2014 in management, leadership and educational competition”, in later scholarship DES, whose target population consists of appointed non-university higher education, working in public higher education institutions in the departmen…

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Scholarships Rock Camp

To help the future artists, Acampalia Announces five scholarships for 2013 summer camps, one for each of the instruments involved in Rock Camp. The allocation of grants different musical and aesthetic criteria of the candidates shall be taken into account. To participate you will need to send a video of a recommended duration of 45-50 seconds, where the musical and artistic abilities are displayed. The deadline for receipt of videos is the 2 Jun…

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Benjamin Franklin summer institutes in United States scholarship

s of Europeans, Asians and Americans.  the selected students will participate in an intensive program focused on global issues faced by young people on both sides of the Atlantic. The institutes will take place at the Wake Forest University in North Carolina or Purdue University in Indiana between June 28 and July 26, 2014 and meet 35 students from different countries of Europe and Central Asia with 10 American students. The participants carry…

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Collaboration scholarships for courses of Summer University of Burgos

The University of Burgos convenes seven scholarships of collaboration to carry out various activities in the summer courses at the UBU. The objective of these grants is to provide collaboration of summer courses address and service information and University Extension in those organizational tasks and necessary development for the correct development of the summer courses. the purpose of these scholarships is to collaborate in the general care…

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Grant authors novice 2014 PhotOn Festival

PhotOn Festival has always dedicated a significant part of its programming to support photography made by authors who are still not known by the public through the PhotOn call for novice authors, that structure all activities relating to this group, such as the call of the IV scholarship PhotOn Festival, portfolio viewing sessions, as well as projections of new authors. Within this framework we launched one more year the scholarship PhotOn Festi…

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Scholarships Conacyt Funed 2014

The National Council of science and technology (CONACYT) and the Mexican Foundation for education, technology and Science (FUNED) call Funed 2014 Conacyt scholarships for Mexican professionals wishing to conduct master studies in the areas of the knowledge set out in this call. Applications will be considered preferably of scholarship for graduate studies in any of the universities with which the CONACYT has signed an agreement of collaboration,…

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Scholarships for summer courses in Germany for Colombians

Announcement of scholarships for summer courses (German language and civilization) at German universities for Colombian students of undergraduate and master’s degree. this form of partial scholarship offers to Colombian undergraduate and master’s degree, students to remain enrolled in the University, the possibility of a course in German at a center of higher education in Germany language and civilization. the DAAD offers scholar…

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Summer institutes (University teachers). Summer 2011

ng: Participation, maintenance, travel and medical insurance. Printed: Convocatoria_2011_Univ.doc (57.5 KB) resolution of scholarships: January 2011. It is planned to conduct interviews with the candidates shortlisted for the week of November 22, 2010….

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The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias summer scholarships

The Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute (IAC) Announces 6 new scholarships, scholarship program of summer of the IAC, in mode “Formación in technological development within the framework of the IAC instrumental development projects within”. ” these scholarships are grants for the training of newly licensed (course 2013-2014 or later) and students of past university higher degrees of long cycle and degree courses. Its purpos…

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