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Scholarships for training of graduates about European Union

The Congress of Deputies calls for three individual grants to perform tasks or applied studies assigned to them by the Directorate of research, analysis and publications, the Directorate for international relations or the management of committees, documentary, statistical, informational, analytical and institutional character related bodies and the activities of the European Union in general or any other practical cooperation relating to the Eur…

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Scholarships for graduates with expertise in the European Union

The Congress convenes three individual scholarships to perform tasks or applied studies entrusted to them by the direction of studies, analysis and publications, the Directorate of international relations or the direction of commissions, of documentary, statistical, informative, analytical and institutional character related to the organs and the activity of the European Union in general or any other activity of practical training related to the…

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Scholarships, degree, post-graduate or research in the Slovak Republic

Republic, for a stay to courses, research, or for an artistic stay in the Slovak Republic. Grant duration: 1-12 months. grants can be requested by the citizens of the following countries: a) Member States of the European Union b) other countries that adhered to the Bologna process (named only those countries that are not States members of the European Union): Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia, Georgia, Ic…

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Art of the three pines Foundation scholarships

…l be awarded to scholars a place to reside during your stay (does not apply to expenses of transportation, refreshments or meals). 3 ) will have access to art workshops led by Juan Astica and associated. 4 ) is offered to teachers and scholars a space ad hoc for the development of their work. 5 ) the presence of teachers in workshops will be of at least of one time per week. Teachers will have the freedom to toggle their assistance to the w…

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Places in apartments for students Cardinal Mendoza in Valladolid

To facilitate the accommodation of students with low level of income, displaced from their place of origin because of their studies at the University of Valladolid, was signed on November 18, 1991 an agreement between the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Junta de Castilla y León extinct, the municipality of Valladolid and the University. Under that agreement, meets competition for the award of 392 seats in the apartments for students “Carde…

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English scholarships for teachers abroad

Aid for English language abroad courses for graduates in master’s degree in teaching of compulsory secondary education and baccalaureate, vocational training and teaching of languages, to teachers and students of leading lessons to obtain the degree of master. many are the reasons behind the need to enhance the learning of foreign languages. Reasons of cultural, educational, político and económico have led to the Council of Europe to r…

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Exchange program of the UPTC for teachers of English

If you are a teacher of English and you are working in the official sector, you can apply for the program of language assistants Exchange promoted by the Colombian Institute for educational credit and technical studies abroad (ICETEX) to become assistant teachers of Spanish in the United Kingdom. This program period lasts from 1 September 2015 and may 31, 2016, making it a complete educational course. East of Exchange program provides up to 16…

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Fundación Carolina scholarships graduate

Carolina Foundation opens a new scholarship program to facilitate and promote the expansion of studies of university graduates as well as the specialization and updating knowledge of postgraduate students, teachers, researchers, artists and professionals from Latin American countries members of the Ibero-American community of Nations and Portugal. for the academic year 2014-2015, the training activities of the Fundación Carolina is articulated…

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Schuman scholarships of practices in the European Parliament

The European Parliament in its desire to contribute to the training of citizens and enable them to learn more about what is and what does, offers several types of periods of practice and study in the bosom of his Secretary visits. practices for graduates are intended to enable them to complete the knowledge acquired during their studies and become familiar with the activity of the European Union and, in particular, of the European Parliament….

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Scholarship Junior ECH and Fundación Telefónica

…u to study the full year of the programme youth teachers 2012/13 to obtain the title of Junior Master in creation of the ECH completely free. the shortlisted will be called for a personal interview, after which the final 20 seats will be allocated. The names of the 20 elected, who will be informed personally, will be published on the web….

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