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Scholarships program destination UMH

This call is intended for students – Spanish or permanently resident in Spain – of the UMH’s degree or Bachelor’s degree/engineering for the realization of semester academic stays in a University outside the European area, on the basis of bilateral agreements for the exchange of students signed to the effect. this scholarship purpose is not necessarily cover all of the expenses of the students abroad, but help support,…

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Grants residence researchers, artists and creators

The Residencia de Estudiantes calls for nine grants for the stay at the Residencia de Estudiantes Madrid City Hall during the academic year 2012 / 2013, by which an interdisciplinary group of young researchers, artists and creators will have the opportunity to enjoy lodging, from September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013, in full Board, and with the possibility of renewal, in the residence, seat of an intense cultural activity and active dialogue bet…

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Complementary Erasmus grants

This order is intended to convene 194 grants complementary to the European program Erasmus and other programs of international mobility for the academic year 2013 / 2014, in accordance with Decree 188/2008, September 23, the Government of Aragón is establishing the regulatory basis for subsidies in research, the information society and higher education, in the wording given by the Decree 211/2009 of December 1, the Government of Aragon. howeve…

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CIESE-Comillas degree scholarships

CIESE-Comillas is a center of university higher education managed by the Comillas Foundation and affiliated with the University of Cantabria, where, among other subjects, are taught teachings of undergraduate and graduate in the field of Spanish language and Hispanic culture. CIESE-Comillas aims to provide a quality education that includes not only the purely academic aspects but also all those complementary activities that enhance the learning…

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Grant the forge residence for photographers

The University of Cordoba and La forge Artist Residency call a grant for photographers interested in a stay of a month in the convent of Santa Clara (Belalcázar) during the year 2013. residence in La forge includes study within the convent of Santa Clara of Belalcazar and free access to the laboratory of analog and digital de La Fragua, single room in the House of the artists ‘House of Manolo”in the Centre of the village, a bike to…

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Scholarships in Colombia hydrocarbon sector innovation

Scholarships aimed at capacity-building and the development of scientific, technological knowledge and innovation in the sector in Colombia hydrocarbon – 2014 scholarships for young researchers and innovators, aimed at strengthening the capacities of groups of research, technological development and innovation recognized (in the framework of the 640 call for 2013) universities public and private national science systemTechnology and rese…

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Scholarships Julio Garavito Armero

…: 55 points or more in math, physics and language or 55 points on average in the three areas. mathematics program: 55 points or more in math, physics and language or 55 points on average in the three areas. in case of being shortlisted will be ask to interview with psychology and coeducational. for the first half of the race, the scholarship will be granted total or partial coverage according to the results of the State examination (knowledge…

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Twelve scholarships master UAB

Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera Announces 12 scholarships for official master’s degree at the UAB study during the next academic year 2012-2013. Scholarships are specifically aimed at the realization of the official masters in economic analysis / Economic Analysis, bioinformatics / Bioinformatics, biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine, political science / Political Science, interdisciplinary studies in environmental sustain…

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SENER Foundation scholarships for young engineers

The SENER Foundation opens call for 2013 scholarship whose training is aimed at young engineers and whose presentation of requests ends on May 31. training of young foreign engineers of the SENER Foundation scholarship program falls within the objectives of this entity: contribute to the social service of the community through the formation of persons, and support in their training to individuals or groups that stand out for their ability and…

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Scholarships PhD at the Universidad Estadual Paulista of Brazil

Scholarship program to study PhD in Universidad Estadual Paulista (UNESP) is a line of action of the programme of support to foreign students of PhD (PAEDEx). program offers 21 scholarships for doctoral studies for a maximum period of 48 months. It is aimed at teachers and not Brazilian researchers, linked to institutions of higher education of any Latin American country (including Spain and Portugal) that are primarily embedded in association…

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