esami short courses 2013

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Forest policy and rural development grants

…e. e) management-level user of computer programs for word-processing, sheet and presentations, as well as Internet. f) be less than 32 years old the day of the publication of the call. g) specific knowledge, (work done, courses, studies and postgraduate master) which are certified by an authority or official body competent, and related to the areas of knowledge of article 1 of this order in accordance with the following descriptors: 1 kno…

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Scholarships Masters in biotechnology of Aliter

The Foundation Damián Rodríguez Olivares has among its foundational goals promoting, impulse, development, protection and support of all types of civic, educational and cultural activities, and may, for this purpose, make donations and pay for studies, research, courses, conferences, seminars, and especially the promotion of entrepreneurship as a another possible output professional. Aliter – international business school, in their cons…

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Arts and culture in Indonesia scholarships

…enter where the grant is made shall be appointed by the Organizing Committee based on motivation and interests that are expressed in the request. Fellows will learn about Indonesian arts and culture in general. Some of the courses will be different in each depending on the culture and the local art center. Each Art Centre will also organize visits to various historical places, as well as renowned destinations. international applicants should…

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Scholarships by 2015 Tokyo for Master in sustainability

…e to solving the challenges of sustainability. On the basis of an innovative and interdisciplinary approach, this program integrates methods and resources of natural and social sciences and the humanities. students may take courses offered by the UNU-IAS and other universities in Japan. The duration of studies is two years. The program starts in September 2015….

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FAEA Undergraduate Scholarships for Indian Students, 2016-2017

…pursuing an undergraduate programme in any University/College in India. How much is the scholarship award?: FAEA, on the selection of student for the FAEA scholarship, provides financial aid for completion of undergraduate courses which includes tuition fee, maintenance allowance or hostel/mess charges and other allowances to cover travel, clothing and book purchase as per our norms. The continuance of scholarship and amount of scholarship is,…

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Cervantes Institute scholarships

…f the qualifications and knowledge that for each scholarship are specified in annex I, as well as the specific requirements listed in this annex. e) have completed the studies leading to the required degree in five academic courses prior to the date of publication of the present call. f) had not previously enjoyed another scholarship of these characteristics at the Instituto Cervantes, of more than a year. g) possess functional ability to p…

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Convened a scholarship of collaboration in the student House

…be €400,81 per month and the deadline for submission of applications will be from 9 to 16 January (both inclusive). the Commission’s assessment will evaluate merits of applicants as academic transcript, attendance at courses of training, student representation, or foreign languages….

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INJUV and crossing the Pacific on China Scholarship

…potentiary and extraordinary in special mission for the Asia-Pacific region, Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle, presented the program known and undertakes with China for young Chileans between 15 and 29 years. grants consist of three courses: language, culture and business, which will give a form e-learning across the country and with some classes in Santiago and Rancagua.  For those who do not have access to the Internet the National Youth Institute wil…

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Aberdeen University offers 50 scholarships

…n. offer 50 scholarships for graduate students and masters to improve learning and earning potential. Business grants are valued at £2,000 each and offer to international graduate students a full-time entry in the 2015-2016 courses over a period of 12 months in the following programs: 10 scholarships for MSc Applied Economics 10 scholarships for MSc Finance and Real Estate 10 scholarships for MSc Management Consultancy 10 scholarships for MSc…

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Alfonso Anaya Aliter 2014-2015 scholarships

The school of international of business Aliter convened the XXVII Edition of its annual scholarship program aimed at facilitating access to studies of postgraduate courses in international relations and foreign trade in Spain or in biotechnology. The program includes six months of practice and defence of the master’s thesis. in this way, the scholarships have an endowment of 50% of the full price of the master, in particular, the studen…

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