environment project topics for 12th std

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Scholarship art project in Shiraz

The Center for art and creation of Ses Voltes is a center dedicated to the creation and production of contemporary art in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Its objective is to promote the development of visual artists and professionals in the creative sector, through an approach that raw material research, innovation and production processes. The Centre’s activities are designed to encourage dialogue between artistic communities of Malorca and th…

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Fellowship in cancer research Fero translational

…utes to the development of new projects and the training of young researchers through the award of scholarships. the sixth edition of the Fero scholarship is intended to recognize a scientific project with a high potential for clinical applicability presented by professionals working in Spanish institutions involved in this type of research. Fero scholarship will be granted therefore he deemed best translational research project in the fiel…

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Support for archives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

Mapfre Foundation has decided to promote, on a biennial basis and through its Institute of culture, the Mapfre Foundation support for archives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Podran choose Help files and other institutions, public and private, depository of funds or documentary collections of historical character and interest to the research of the history of the countries of Latin America, Portugal and Spain. As “funds or documen…

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Contest Chair wood Prize for the best thesis project

ements of admission of the MDGAE.  eligible persons who submitted their PFC in any architecture school officially recognized in the country of origin from September 2012 to September 2013 and which have been considered apt for the degree.  Exceptionally, may occur to contest those projects that are pending qualification provided that they attached a letter from the guardian showing their conformity. The projects will be presented in Spanish or…

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Scholarship Pablo Motos Spanish Federation of Cystic Fibrosis

c memory of this project presented by the researcher and the remaining 30% at the end of it, after the presentation of the report complete the project and economic memory. Economic memory enclose the originals of the invoices for the requested budget. the maximum amount to subsidize by consumables shall not exceed 30% and 20% travel and subsistence (all costs must be directly related research). the application shall be accompanied by the foll…

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Iberdrola Foundation research grants

The Iberdrola Foundation is committed to the creation and transmission of knowledge for development and progress towards a sustainable energy model that effectively meets the energy needs of citizens and contribute to the protection of the environment. since 2010 the Iberdrola Foundation convenes annually its programme of scholarships and grants to research specialized in energy and environment, with the aim of contributing to excellence in tr…

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Supports Merck Serono research 2014

earch in Oncology – molecular diseases research Rare and their clinical implications – clinical research in Cardiometabolismo – clinical research in allergy it will award a total of seven grants, one for each area of research than those referred to in the preceding paragraph. Each of them will be endowed with 25,000 euros, of which 80% will be delivered at the time of the grant and the 20% remaining at the end of the pro…

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Grants for biomedical research with Bemiparina

Rovi Announces scholarships for original research projects and scientific interest framed within any area of research provided that they contribute to broadening knowledge about Bemiparina and their therapeutic potential in clinical practice. will be awarded at least three scholarships. Studies may be both basic research as clinical. basic research should be oriented towards aspects which have a clinical application, and so Rovi could supply…

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Space Environment Research Centre Scholarships for International Students in Australia, 2017

The Space Environment Research Centre (SERC) is offering scholarships for Australian and international students. These scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate research at the University of Queensland. The aim of the scholarships is to support students for pursuing world-class scientific research and training. The CRC for Space Environment Management (SEMCRC), managed by the Space Environment Research Centre (SERC) has…

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Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology Spanish society scholarships

The Spanish society of Clinical Immunology, Allergy and pediatric asthma (SEICAP) convenes two fellowships for the academic year 2015-2016. the applicant must be a member of SEICAP active, in any of its categories. The research project must be about immunology, Allergology and pediatric asthma. The project has to be original and done mostly by fellow. The applicant’s must have a guardian, which must be an expert in the subject and respon…

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