environment project topics 12th std

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Viana Foundation grants for artistic projects

The Viana Foundation, composed of CajaSur and the H.e. Diputación Provincial de Córdoba, in his desire for fostering culture and promoting actions of support to the creators and knowledge-sharing, collaborates with the Bilbao Arte Foundation in the edition of the present call for two grants for artistic projects. this call aims at granting financial aid to projects which will be selected by a jury appointed to the effect, which will be compose…

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Scholarships program Leonardo da Vinci project: II

Call for 2012 / 2013 to carry out internships in companies in the European Union. Provides 30 scholarships for recent graduates with agri-food profile of the five universities in the ceiA3, which will give the opportunity to meet new business environments that allow an adequate and lasting access to today’s job market. number of rooms: 30 duration of stays: 16 weeks (4 months). countries of destination: Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, P…

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Young professional ICT scholarships

…the technologies of the information and communications technology (ICT), IBRD loan 7559/AR, convenes graders of public universitiescareers related to the ICT sector, who have passed at least 80% of the race, the submission of project Ideas for innovation and development of products, services, systems or solutions in information technology, for the allocation of quotas of scholarships for the completion of graduate studies; the aim of these gran…

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Scholarship for research and artistic production Espai Rambleta

The Visual Arts of the Espai Rambleta presents II call of scholarship research and artistic production. the grant for research and artistic production is different material and economic aid as well as the provision of services for the realization of artistic projects. call for proposals is open to any artistic discipline, either individual or collective, as well as to projects of production, research and curatorial commitment to be made thro…

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Celiac research grants

The national program for detection and Control of celiac disease along with the National Health Commission investigates convene the presentation of research projects on the theme “Celiac disease”. Two research projects which each shall consist of four scholarships will be selected. the aim of these grants is to strengthen research into celiac disease as part of the activities being conducted the national programme. this call is i…

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Scholarships entrepreneurs UCM master

Idea Business Center convenes different types of scholarships for the MBA entrepreneurs UCM Master: Master Business Entrepreneurship of the Complutense University of Madrid. a scholarship of 100% for individual project the winner of the UCM entrepreneur award or up to four scholarships of 70% for teams of four people. (For two people 90% and three 80%). Economic value of 100% Scholarship: 7,850 euros. For the scholarship Master 100%: Entrepren…

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Scholarships to cover Ecohealth 2014 in Canada

…nationality, place of residence and means of communication for which work, either press, radio, television, Internet… He is expected that journalists attending later published articles or content related to the various topics covered in the Conference.  the jury will select eight professional journalists that full-time or freelance, specialising in coverage of health and the environment, with a wide experience in traditional media and /…

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Scholarships abroad for Spanish professionals training: health

ment where is intended to acquire such training. The centres will be freely chosen by each applicant. MAPFRE Foundation will not provide the institutions. Submit an explanatory memorandum of the draft that defines subjects or topics you want to receive training. Sufficient knowledge of the language of the country of destination. applicants must submit their applications by October 19, 2012….

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Stays at universities and foreign research centres

ays up to three months duration in universities and foreign research centres of international reference. subsidies are aimed at the realization of research stays in international centres of excellence for the development of projects related to energy and the environment. will be the subject of aid requests that comply with the requirements laid down in paragraph 2 of this call, develop research related to energy or the environment in centers…

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The ships for artists and creative scholarship

The Las Naves scholarship program aims to help artists and creatives to realize their projects, providing a period of time to create, away from work and family stress of everyday life, in an optimal physical and environmental environment, interacting with artists and creatives from different artistic disciplines. with this program, is intended to artists and creatives from different nationalities, cultures and artistic specialties are spending…

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