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You can demonstrate the particular scholarships or grants we have in this database connected your own lookup endavour awards for 2014. Often, people search for a specific scholarship grant and also you do not know there are some others that will meets better to your requirements. For example, there are scholarships that protect the part or even your trip towards metropolis that this college are usually, as well as the college tuition service fees. You shouldn't overlook this oportunity of analyze abroad having a scholarhip about endavour awards for 2014 when you can get the one that satisfies your family needs. It is a special oportunity that you experienced to further improve ones education all of which will raise your current educational job.

With this website you'll discover everything and also resources to analyze in a good college or university that has a grant. Right here, you'll get information with the scholarship grant about endavour awards for 2014 in addition to the company so that you can contact these along with try to discover the monetary help to review with them.

Photography scholarships GrisArt 2014

…Scholarship C.G.I. GrisArt: equipped with the C.G.I. (Computer Generated Imagery) course and a course of digital treatment of the image. Scholarship valued at 3425 euros. Scholarship Video GrisArt: equipped with Video course for photographers and a digital image treatment course. Scholarship valued at 3.020 euros. Scholarship post-production GrisArt: equipped with the professional post production course and a course of C.G.I. Scholarship valued…

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Awards TAB Innovation

TAB Innovation is the first international competition that rewards the most innovative and groundbreaking applications developed in Spain and Latin America. The contest has two modalities: one in which developers and companies presented their apps and one where anyone can submit an idea for Tablet applications. in the first of them will be granted 10 awards in different categories: games, productivity (Organization, production or tools that he…

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University research awards public of Navarra and authorizing expenditure.

* purpose of the call: this call aims to regulate the procedure for the granting, in accordance with the principles of publicity, objectivity and competitive concurrence, in research awards to reward different facets of the research activity, including the whole of the developed personal research career, the best scientific contributions made during the years 2009 and 2010, and the best result from technology transfer or knowledge derived f…

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Defence 2012 – modality of media awards

Award for work on issues related to defence, peace and security which have dissemination in print media, radio or television during the year 2011. exception of the works that have appeared in publications issued by the Ministry of defence or others that have been sponsored by the same. the form of social media comprises three categories: – written journalism – audiovisual journalism: medium Radio – aud…

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Awards 2012 defense – research work

Award for research work developed at universities, institutes, foundations, associations and schools of Spanish military studies related to the defence, peace, security, geography and military history. To this award may attend the authors of dissertations, theses and other research as well as the authors of monographs and reports made during the courses followed in schools of Spanish military studies. the form of research com…

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Sony World Photography Awards 2012 – Youth Award

We are looking for the next generation of young talent in this new competition, open to anyone under the age of 20 years, in addition to the award of the Tate, which is open to any person between 16 and 25 years of age. If you is studying photography at the school or University, or simply have a passion for taking pictures of their daily lives, participate in this contest for a chance to become the first Sony Photography Awards global, Youth Pri…

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Defence 2012 Awards – Premio José Francisco de Querol Lombardero

…features: figure in bronze of Miguel de Cervantes and 5,000 euros origin of the Fellowship: official State Bulletin – 10 12, 2011 1 – will attend the awards 2012 defense authors, nationals or foreigners, whose works, works or compositions are referred to issues relating to the defence, peace, security, military history and other areas that make up the culture of Spanish Defense. 2 – the work will be prese…

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Sony World Photography Awards 2012 – Open Competition

Are you a photography enthusiast and an enthusiastic amateur photographer, with an eye to capture the perfect moment? If so, then this is the contest for you! the open design competition offers 10 different categories so that you can enter, ranging from the action of travel. As member of WPO, can enter a maximum of three pictures for free, presented in a single category or divided into several categories. to increase their a…

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The Endeavour Awards 2011 round, Australia

Applications for the 2011 round are currently open and will close 31?July?2010.. Please read the Endeavour Awards website, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and the Endeavour Awards Applicant Guidelines for further information on the Endeavour Awards.Please download the Endeavour Awards Step by Step Guide to using the Endeavour Application System to help you with the online application process.Step by Step Guide to using the Endeavour…

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Postgraduate awards of research IDRC on climate change and water – Canada (or residents) PhD students

International research for development (IDRC) supports research in developing countries to promote the growth and development. The results are innovative solutions, with a local duration which are intended to achieve choice and change to those who need it most. Climate change of IDRC and the program of water (CCW) helps countries developing researchers to understand how climate change affects water resources and find ways to impr…

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