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Celiac disease research grants

The national program of detection and Control of the disease celiac, together with the National Commission health research, call for the presentation of research projects on the subject of gluten-free food: accessibility, availability, adhesion. in this way, will be selected two studies multicentre (EM) research with four scholarships for each. The objective of these grants is to strengthen research on celiac disease as part of the activities…

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Celiac research grants

The national program for detection and Control of celiac disease along with the National Health Commission investigates convene the presentation of research projects on the theme “Celiac disease”. Two research projects which each shall consist of four scholarships will be selected. the aim of these grants is to strengthen research into celiac disease as part of the activities being conducted the national programme. this call is i…

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University graduated in sociology scholarship

…nt. 5. Have not enjoyed for more than six months of similar scholarships in the economic and Social Council. 6. Stay up to date in the fulfilment of all their tax obligations and against Social Security. 7. Be free from disease or physical defect that prevents the development of the activities of the fellowship. scholarship applicants must submit an instance that is attached as a model I, addressed to the President of the economic and Soc…

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Grant biblioteconomy and documentation Constitutional Court

…the endowment of each scholarship will be 1,100 euros gross per month. The amounts of the scholarships will be awarded at the end of each month. The Constitutional Court will ensure the coverage of the risk of accidents and disease for the fellow for the time of duration of the scholarship, on the assumption that these contingencies, have not covered in the terms provided for by the legislation in force. to apply for these scholarships must m…

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AbbVie IBD Scholarship Program for Canadian Applicants, 2016

Applications are invited for AbbVie IBD Scholarship Program which is available to post-secondary students of any age who are living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Applicants from Canada are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The institution provides modern educational and research environments that will enable students and researchers to face current challenges and to focus on knowledge as a principle driving force for developm…

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Scholarship Mapfre – Fundación Reina Sofia research Alzheimer’s

Scholarship scholarship Mapfre – Fundación Reina Sofia 2012 – 2013 for stay of six months, renewable for a similar period (maximum, 12 months) for participation in the program of research, Department of pathology and Psychiatry, Alzheimer completo Disease Center of the NYU School of Medicine, New York (Prof. B. Frangione). Join a research project on mechanisms of Neurodegeneration and dementia. stay includes a magnificent opportuni…

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Scholarships Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial Esteban Terradas

…procedure. is excepted pursuant to the preceding paragraph in the event that the applicant has been admitted by a Spanish University for the completion of a master’s degree. d) cannot be physically incapacitated or disease that may impede the development of training activities constituting the object of the scholarship. e) not having enjoyed a scholarship of INTA previously or have had work or administrative relationship with the Ins…

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2015-2016 INAP-Fulbright scholarship

…nited States, is organized on a proposal from the Organization in New York, the Institute of International Education (IIE), to facilitate the incorporation of Spanish scholars to American academic life. e) insurance policy, disease and accidents of up to $100,000 of coverage, signed by the Government of the United States for the Fulbright scholars. Also administrative costs generated in the United States by the assistance service in general to…

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Scholarship Fulbright 2015-2016

…of maintenance, accommodation and the basics during the orientation course and the time needed until the start of the academic year, all as provided above (ISI) Agency. e) subscription, by the American Government, safe from disease and accidents with a maximum coverage of $100,000 of which excluded the treatment of pre-existing diseases and dental services. f) an allocation of 2,500 euros for the purchase of books and first installation costs…

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Training in sociology Navarre scholarship

…indicated on the base one, issued or approved by the Spanish authorities, and having obtained within the three years immediately preceding the date of publication of the present call. f) not be physically incapacitated, or disease that may impede the development of training activities constituting the object of the scholarship….

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