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We can show you your scholarships that people get inside our data source linked your own look for courses offered at upng. Sometimes, an individual visit a certain scholarship as well as you cannot learn there are some others that will matches easier to your requirements. As an example, you can find scholarships which deal with your part or perhaps this airline flight towards city that your school are, and also the educational costs costs. You can't neglect this oportunity of review abroad having a scholarhip about courses offered at upng in case you could find the one which matches your preferences. This can be a unique oportunity in your lifetime to boost your training and definately will improve your instructional profession.

On this web page you can find all the data in addition to assets to review in a very great college or university having a scholarship. Here, you will definately get the details from the scholarship about courses offered at upng in addition to the company so that you may contact these as well as test to discover the economic help study with them.

AFIM Foundation scholarships for on-line courses for young people

The AFIM – help, training and integration of the disabled Foundation Announces 50,000 scholarships for Spain, Latin America and Spanish-speaking, aimed at the realization of five courses that the beneficiary choose from more 140 which has on-line training platform. the selected courses may be made free of charge, paying 25 euros in management and administration, except for persons with disabilities that are e…

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Scholarships for summer courses in Germany for Colombians

Announcement of scholarships for summer courses (German language and civilization) at German universities for Colombian students of undergraduate and master’s degree. this form of partial scholarship offers to Colombian undergraduate and master’s degree, students to remain enrolled in the University, the possibility of a course in German at a center of higher education in Germany language and civilization. the DAAD offers scholar…

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Scholarships for courses above Chile

obtained 550 points PSU average (language and communication and mathematics) as score which was selected to enter the race. Meet the academic progress established, that for the purpose of the scholarship requires be approved, at least 60% of the subjects enrolled during the first academic year and for superior courses, 70% of the registered subjects of the previous year must be approved. Be studying the race within the formal years of this (decla…

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MIR, FIR and EIR courses scholarships

the bases. the names of the lucky ones will be published on the AMA web on February 15, 2013, taking until March 5, 2013 to present DNI or NIE, diploma or certificate, in case of non-Spanish titles is essential validation, attesting to the completion of studies and invoice or certificate of the Center where the exam preparation has been made indicating the total amount of the same. the lucky ones will come to sign the document that accredits…

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Collaboration scholarships for courses of Summer University of Burgos

The University of Burgos convenes seven scholarships of collaboration to carry out various activities in the summer courses at the UBU. The objective of these grants is to provide collaboration of summer courses address and service information and University Extension in those organizational tasks and necessary development for the correct development of the summer courses. the purpose of these scholarships is to collaborate in the general care…

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Escoex 2012-2013 college career scholarships

The Mapfre Guanarteme Canaria Foundation, in its objective of contributing to the cultural and social development of the Canary Islands community, announces the following AIDS to carry out the college career at Escoex (International Business School) during the academic year 2012-2013. deadline for submission of applications: until 21 September 2012, at 1400 hours. the object of these conditions is to regulate the procedure for the granting o…

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Menéndez Pelayo International University summer courses scholarships

s of years of Tutmosis III; Luxor, Egypt ‘(días 22, 23 y 24 de julio) also, also will expand the term until next day 21, for those courses that impart from July 29 to September 13. UIMP scholarships, is mainly aimed at University students and postgraduates, and aims to promote participation in the courses who presented a brilliant academic career. there are two types of scholarship: Scholarship: includes accommodation, maintenance a…

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Grants activities summer courses at the University of Burgos

good development of the courses. the maximum amount of aid to be allocated will be 4,000 euros, can be apply for these scholarships students enrolled in the academic year 2012 / 2013, in any of the official degrees taught at the University of Burgos. They will not meet requirement if they had already obtained the title. Priority will be those students who have worked in the information service and extracurricular activities. no applicant,…

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Scholarships for summer courses at German universities

These scholarships are intended to promote attendance at courses of language, culture and civilization and language of specialization offered by educational establishments higher public or officially recognized by the Federal Republic of Germany and associated language institutes. scholarships have a minimum of 18 days of course (with a maximum of five days per week, not including the day of arrival and departure day), with a minimum of 25 ho…

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DAAD – scholarships for summer courses at German universities

The German service of academic exchange (DAAD) offers grants for summer courses at German universities. these scholarships are aimed at University students in all specialties which, at the beginning of the scholarship, have completed at least two years of higher education. Requires good knowledge of German (level B1). deadline for submission of applications: 01 of December 2012. these scholarships aims to promote attendance at courses of l…

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