cityu non jupas 2014

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University of Oviedo mobility grade, engineering and Bachelor’s degree

…engineering or Bachelor’s degree. 2. Be a citizen of the European Union, of the Association European States free trade of belonging to the European economic area. Students of the University of Oviedo, which come from non-Community countries and who are in possession of a valid residence permit to reside in Spain during the period of mobility may also request mobility. 3. Having passed 60 credits of University studies for those who requ…

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6000 scholarship course 2014-2015

He is the call of the 6000 scholarship for students who enroll in studies of first or second course of Bachelor or first or second course of formative cycles of average degree of initial vocational training in educational institutions of the community Autónoma de Andalucía for the 2014-2015 school year. to be eligible for one grant 6000 will need to meet the following requirements: to) participate in scholarships from General to non-Universi…

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Booty 2014 Foundation Arts grants

The Botín Foundation allocated 220,000 euros to fine arts scholarships for training, research and personal projects in the field of artistic creation (not theoretical works), for artists of any nationality. The Fundación Botín may reserve a scholarship for artists resident in Cantabria, or natural provided that the application understands change of residence. The aid will be direct, indivisible and non-transferable. Do not cover family benefits….

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Scholarships box Badajoz 2014

Badajoz box Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation University – Society of the University of Extremadura starts the second internship program in business, Association, institution or non-profit entity for graduates of the University of Extremadura. program consists of grants to 20 graduates of the UEX who have completed their studies in the past four years (courses 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14), for internship in a comp…

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Scholarship Adriano 2014-2015

Call for scholarship Adriano, directed to facilitate the stay in the educational system of the students who curse Autónoma de Andalucía, in face-to-face mode any of the following official teachings in non-university educational institutions of the community during the school year 2014-2015: high school teachings. teaching second course of medium level of vocational training of teaching professionals in music and dance, from the teachings of pl…

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Scholarships BBVA AM in management of assets 2014

…2014. Test of knowledge of the financial markets. Personal interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. phase 2. The process of selection of BBVA. 1-November 28, 2014. tests psychometric, English and Spanish (for non-Spanish-speaking candidates). Interview with the Department of selection. the selected candidates will be notified the week of 1-5 December 2014….

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Scholarship DES summer 2014 in management, leadership and educational competition

These rules are intended to adjust the criteria and procedures of the call to the 2014 competition, for the granting of the special scholarship for specialization in pedagogy, called “scholarship DES summer 2014 in management, leadership and educational competition”, in later scholarship DES, whose target population consists of appointed non-university higher education, working in public higher education institutions in the departmen…

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Booty curating exhibitions and museums 2014-2015 management scholarships

…e payment of tuition in the chosen training centre. Aid will be enjoyed from its concession, by the agreed period and without interruption. Your home is imperative before the end of 2014. Subsidies are direct, indivisible and non-transferable. Do not cover family benefits. The enjoyment of this aid is incompatible with any other institutional aid. A jury for that purpose will evaluate different applications. The decision belongs to the Fundación…

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Three research grants equality of women and men

…tions. Podran access grants persons or group of persons who meet the following requirements: to) that research work is carried out in the autonomous community of the Basque country. b) that research be drafted using a non-sexist language. c) not enjoyed previously from a grant of the same or similar nature granted by any public or private entity. applications may be submitted in person depending on model, correctly completed in all…

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IADE scholarships

…will be granted on the basis of the decision of the teaching staff and the direction of IADE, be taken considering the documentation submitted Dossier and the potential development of the candidate, being a discretionary and non-appealable decision. The desert call may be declared partially or in its entirety, in the event that IADE considers that among applicants none meets the minimum requirements to access the scholarship….

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