ched scholarship 2013 deadline

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Peking University scholarships

who are studying at the moment at the Confucius Institute. Photocopy of University academic records. stakeholders must deliver personally at the Office of the Confucius Institute complete documentation within the application deadline (9 to 18 January 2013). Stakeholders must comply without exception with the following performance calendar: 18 January 2013: at 12.00 hours the application deadline closes. 21 January 2013: at 12.00 hours will be…

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Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg 2014

Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg programme promotes the mobility of young artists, in order to enrich their creative projects, thus enabling them to establish a dialogue on cultural diversity. programme offers residencies to young artists (between 25 and 35 years) around the world. The UNESCO-Aschberg advocates and promotes creativity, highlights the cultural exchange and the need of artists enrich themselves through contact with othe…

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Scholarships Masters intensive 2013 IED Madrid

of Design of indoor intensive Master of communication, Marketing and advertising in new media intensive grants are 14, two by each of the masters. Each scholarship covers 50% of the amount of the fee for the course. the deadline for participation ends on December 11, 2012 at 10: 00, Madrid time. The jury’s decision will be communicated on December 18, 2012 at 18: 00, from Madrid, via home of the part online: February…

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Getty Images photo Editorial 2013 fellowships

220;Fragments/Fukushima.” All of them got both funding and Executive orientation of the project by editors of Getty Images photos and the opportunity to publish their work on the website Reportage by Getty Images. the deadline for receipt of applications for the scholarships will be open until May 1, 2013 at 23:59 GMT. The independent jury is composed of representatives selected by Getty Images because of his talent and experience in the…

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Scholarships Master education emotional, Social and creativity 2013-2014

…agreement between the Botín Foundation and the Faculty of education. the pre-registration period for the third call that will start the school year 2013 / 2014 ends on September 13, 2013. La Botín Foundation Announces 15 scholarships amounting to 1.683,67 euros each, to assist students participating in this Master. may be beneficiaries of the grant those people enrolled in the Master’s in emotional, Social education and creativity at…

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Grant Adidas Border 2013

erson at the Border Cultural Center should do so in the period between 8 and April 12, being the date limit on April 12, 2013 at 18:00. Artists who deliver your documents by courier may do so from April 4, 2013 being postmark deadline April 10 provided be sent by express courier. artists must produce the project in the period between 1 June and 30 November 2013. Scholarship performers must develop the project under guidance of Eugenio Echeverrí…

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Scholarship 6000 2013-2014

rded. the amount of the 6000 scholarship for the academic year 2013-2014 will be € 6,000. This amount is accrued at the rate of 600 euros per monthly payment due from September until June of the school year 2013-2014. the deadline for submission of requests for the 6000 scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year ends on September 30, 2013….

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Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas 2013 postgraduate scholarships

on all those persons of Spanish nationality. Beneficiaries of these grants may also be the citizens of any Member State of the European Union or third countries with legal residence in Spain. In all cases they must be, on the deadline for submission of applications, in possession of the diploma graduate or degree, obtained within the four years prior to the date of publication of the announcement. Foreign qualifications or certificates issued in…

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Scholarship post residence Fundación José Luis Castaño

the end of the project shall deliver wing Foundation Joseluiscastano a detailed memory, with a description of the work performed, the results and conclusions reached, and up to 12 sheets. The presentation of the annual report deadline of August 1, 2014. At the beginning of the scholarship shall be the payment of 75% of the amount of the grant and the remaining 25% by the end of the project. Once completed, the award-winning research project will…

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Scholarship Erasmus Kutxabank 2013 / 2014

Kutxabank Announces Erasmus scholarships for the academic year 2013 / 2014 aimed at students with fiscal residence in the Basque country and enrolled in the University of the Basque country or the University of Deusto. program has a fixed budget, which is split among the beneficiaries according to the number of months of stay in the targeted universities. Therefore, cannot be determined a priori the number of scholarships to be awarded. scho…

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