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Scholarships for masters at the Institute of transport in Leeds

The Institute of studies of transport (ITS) of the University of Leeds is offering a series of scholarships, each worth up to £7.875, to provide development opportunities for students of exceptional ability, performance and potential. scholarships will finance 50% of the tuition fees for international students wishing to study in ITS Leeds full-time master’s program. The scholarships are part of the Mission of the Institute to advance th…

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Scholarships Masters in energy and environment in United States

The IBERDROLA Foundation, within its grants program, launches its call to study master in energy and environment in the United States, for the academic year 2013-2014. scholarship program provides the opportunity for graduate or undergraduate degree, of Spanish, British or American nationality who wish to perform their specialization in U.S. academic institutions of excellence in the following areas of knowledge: renewable energy, sustainable…

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40 scholarships for master in the Center U-tad

e a master’s degree in U-tad program. student who meet one of the U-excellent Master scholarship, professional merit, economic situation, and motivation for the development of their professional skills may study for a Masters in U-tad with a grant of 50% on the amount of the teaching of the Master chosen by the student. a U-excellent Master grant implies recognition by U-tad to the effort, dedication and capacity for work of the student…

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Mexican film posgrado-maestria mobility grants

of the French language through the certification of proficiency at least at the level B2 and, in his case, the accreditation of another language depending on the requirements of the graduate.  6. Having been accepted into a Masters program in a French higher education institution.  7. Check your application for scholarship through the unique beneficiaries of higher education system (upload) on the website   8 . Have key…

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Bachelor of Amancio Ortega Foundation scholarships

The scholarship program of the Fundación Amancio Ortega was born with the intention of stimulating the improvement of the English language through the coexistence, the exchange of knowledge and culture and academic education in a different environment in young students. this program is an initiative that promotes the internationalization and expansion in the formation of our young people and is aimed at students of 4th year that schools in Spa…

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Youth in action 2013 scholarships

The Government of Mexico, through the Secretariat of public education, and the Government of the United States of America, through the Department of State, within the framework of its initiative “The force of 100,000 in the Americas”, in collaboration with the business community in both countries, announce that they will continue to offer the youth in action program in the summer of 2013. the program is aimed at Mexican students e…

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Scholarship graduate of the Vanier CGS program in Canada

The Government of Canada Announces scholarships for graduate of Vanier CGS program aimed at Canadian and international doctoral students in the area of the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering or health who wish to study in Canadian universities. the Vanier program was created to attract and retain students in doctoral worldwide. The program supports students who demonstrate leadership skills and a high level of academic…

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Luso Brazilian program of mobility scholarships

Scholarship program which encourages cooperation between Brazil and Portugal, by promoting cultural and knowledge exchange. These international mobility grants allow University Brazilians and Portuguese can be a stay of six months in any of the other country’s universities. In total more than 40 universities participate in the program. requirements of these scholarships are: be enrolled as a regular student in an institution of higher…

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Initiation into the company SEPI Foundation grants

Since 1980, the SEPI Foundation develops the initiation scholarship program in the company with the aim of enabling a period of practical training in business to young people without work experience, who have completed university studies. the initial duration of the scholarship program is six months. The date of incorporation of the interns to companies or institutions which carry out their learning process will be on May 1, 2014. scholar…

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Gateway program

The gateway program is aimed at graduates in vocational training and aims to complement his training with the knowledge that most are suing today by the companies. Informatics, languages, etc., are some of the material that the program combines work during 12 months in a leading entity. the candidate will complement his work with 80 hours of training at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, acquiring the skills to complement his or her qu…

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