canada postdoctoral research openings medicine and veterinary medicine

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Predoctoral and postdoctoral travel bags

Predoctoral and postdoctoral travel bags are aid to promote the active participation of the teaching and research staff, fellows and contracted research, congresses and scientific meetings outside the regional scope of Cantabria. predoctoral travel bags: teachers not doctors, interns and/or contracted research of the University of Cantabria. In all cases, they must be supported in one of the doctoral programs of the UC. postdoctoral travel b…

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Carrillo Oñativia fellowships

Carrillo Oñativia fellowships are aimed at researchers in the field who perform their activities preferably in hospitals and primary care centers of health, universities, institutes, governmental and non-governmental, in (non-pharmacological) clinical research and public health. This scholarship program does not fund basic research. While scholarships are individual, seeks the development of research to contribute to the strengthening of the cap…

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LabEx DynamiTe Postdoctoral Position on Environmental Activism, 2016

LabEx DynamiTe invites applications for examining issues within the Île-de-France region to develop a map of environmental activism. The position is available to undertake research project on “Environmental activism: forms of activism and socio-technical sharing platforms”. The prime objective of this research project is to renew reflection on civic environmentalism by examining how these local forms of activism reconfigure the ways in which cit…

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Grants from the Government for foreigners 2013 Mexico

Mexico Government convenes their scholarships for foreigners by 2013 to conduct studies of: specialization, masters and doctorate Medical specialties Research postgraduate Posdoc Mobility at the undergraduate and graduate level Rooms for artistic creation High-level conferences Research for mexicanistas Stays for media partners Rooms for visiting professors. No scholarship is awarded for pre-admission courses or for direct doctorates (postgra…

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University of la Rioja research initiation grants

Call for proposals for 2013-2014 12 scholarships of initiation to research of the University of La Rioja aims to promote research vocation among the students of the campus by integrating them in the activities of the different departments. The application period extends until September 7 to 12 scholarships, whose beneficiaries will start in the tasks of research within an area of knowledge in the University of La Rioja under the direction and su…

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Alicia Koplowitz Foundation scholarships research

Alicia Koplowitz Foundation offers eight grants to research, for projects that will be developed within a maximum period of two years. They will be preferential lines: autism, schizophrenia, affective disorders, attention disorders and hyperactivity, food disorders and neuropharmacology in childhood and adolescence. grants research are directed to research teams that develop their project in hospitals, universities, or Spanish research centres…

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Wenner-Gren Foundation Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships in USA, 2016

e to writing, the foundation aims to enable a new generation of scholars to publish significant works that will impact the development of anthropology. The Wenner-Gren Foundation has three major goals – to support significant and innovative anthropological research into humanity’s biological and cultural origins, development and variation, to foster the creation of an international community of research scholars in anthropology, and to provide le…

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Scholarship of excellence in the Government of Mexico for foreign 2015

The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE), through the Mexican Agency of international cooperation for development (AMEXCID), invites foreigners interested in conducting studies in Mexico, in the levels of specialty, master’s, doctorate and postgraduate research, as well as student mobility of undergraduate and graduate programs. the call is offered at more than 180 countries and more than 70 institutions of higher education (IES) Mexican…

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Celiac research grants

The national program for detection and Control of celiac disease along with the National Health Commission investigates convene the presentation of research projects on the theme “Celiac disease”. Two research projects which each shall consist of four scholarships will be selected. the aim of these grants is to strengthen research into celiac disease as part of the activities being conducted the national programme. this call is i…

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AIDS Research Center Queen Sofia on adolescence and youth

Aid to the research of the Center Queen Sofia on adolescents and youth are intended to financially support researchers who, in the field of social sciences, specifically concerning issues related to adolescents and youth. It is promote, stimulate and contribute to the dissemination of research focusing on this population.  Podran present call for research projects that meet two fundamental requirements: – framed in the field of the so…

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