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Program studies seeks talent 2014

Banco Santander Foundation, with the support of OpenBank, announces the first edition of the program of research and artistic production studio looking for talent, which will take place during the months of July and August 2014 at Matadero Madrid. study looking for talent promotes research, training and artistic production. The program revolves around the development of a draft proposed by the beneficiario. Once produced, you can be exposed at…

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Scholarships for study in Chile

The scholarship program of the Government of Chile includes two modes: for postgraduate scholarships and fellowships for graduate programs. scholarships for diploma courses are those offered to involve foreign professionals offering highly specialized courses lasting between 4 and 6 weeks as part of the offer of training of human resources for foreigners of the Chile Government. scholarships for postgraduate courses are those that are orient…

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Round III of the Fund of entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol

Entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol Fund promotes the development of business projects designed to provide improvements in the efficient use of energy and natural resources, through the call for a process of presentation and selection of projects in accordance with the following principles: the deadline for submitting applications ends on November 15, 2013 within 24 hours of the Spanish peninsular schedule. Podran participate all those individu…

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Studies on public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

…evelopment or recently implemented at local, regional or national levels. Expected analysis arising from the winning proposals talk discussions and the guidelines of policy at the current juncture, and resulting contributions for those who work in public settings. Following the General guidelines of the programme, is intended to promote the work of Member centers of the network researchers and strengthen the support for research in countries of t…

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Scholarships la Caixa graduate universities in Asia

s between the months of January and December 2016. scholarship covers: enrolment in University or centre of higher education scholar, no limit of amount has been admitted. Monthly provision of: • 2,270 Australian dollars for studies pursued in Australia • 212,000 yen for studies pursued in Japan • 2,680 Singapore dollars for studies pursued in Singapore • 16.670 Hong Kong dollars for studies pursued in Hong Kong • 10,800 Yuan for stu…

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Scholarships la Caixa graduate at universities in North America

Term of the course 2016-2017. scholarship covers: enrolment in University or centre of higher education in the United States or Canada that fellow, no limit of amount has been admitted. Monthly provision of 2,150 dollars for studies in United States or 2,150 dollars for studies in Canada. Initial endowment of 2,150 dollars or 2,150 dollars, depending on the country of destination, expenses of installation, shifting to congresses, seminars, b…

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UEMC Banco Santander to quality and sports excellence Foundation

…assified) in the Championships of Spain in its category during the season prior to the object of the call. Will also be part of the international selections both in individual sports like team sports; According to categories, for each academic year, agreed the Commission from awarding athletic scholarships. 3 ) have earned any Medal (1 °, 2 ° or 3 ° classified) on behalf of the UEMC in Championships of Spain University during the academic year…

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Scholarships BaumannLab 2014

BaumannLab announces two types of scholarships: grants to projects of Visual Arts and contemporary thought for children under 20 years, with a complement of 900 euros per production and fees (up to 360 euros). Grants for Visual Arts and contemporary thinking for young people aged 20 and older projects. He has a cash prize of 2,000 euros for production and fees (maximum of 800 euros). the project should develop through 2015. call for proposa…

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Bags of travel University of Alcalá

It is to make a public call for travel bags for graders or not renewed equivalent studies (Bachelor degrees, engineering, diploma, etc.) registered in the present academic year at the University of Alcalá, and to participate in international mobility actions during the year 2013. grants are intended to finance travel and/or registration and subsistence expenses to present papers, communications, posters or other contributions in conferences, s…

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Four scholarships Hàbitat Artístic Castelló

The Town Hall of Castellón de la Plana publicly announces the fourth edition of Hàbitat Artístic Castelló grants. Call for proposals aims to award four scholarships: two aimed at artists of Spanish nationality, one of which will go to artists residing in the province of Castellón and the other artists residing in the rest of Spanish provinces; and two addressed to foreign artists that do not have their residence in Spain, for the realization of…

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