brunei dharussalam health ministry doctor 2013

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Peking University scholarships

Summon 18 scholarships for the course of winter in Peking University. Candidates must be students of the Confucius Institute or grade students / graduate of the University of Granada, to study Chinese at the time of your request. Likewise, candidates must be between 18 and 30 years, enjoy good health and have some level of the Chinese language. The students of the Confucius Institute will have priority in the selection process. students who ob…

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The General direction of planning, evaluation and research health grants for studies of planning, evaluation, and health research, charged to the budgets of the Generalitat for the year 2011.

(Requisitos:_Podrán_obtener_la_condición_de_beneficiarios_de_las_ayudas_contempladas_en_esta_convocatoria_quienes_reúnan_los_siguientes_requisitos:a) not exceed 35 years. b) be in possession of the title of degree or diploma in health sciences(,_expedido_u_homologado_por_las_autoridades_españolas_correspondientes_y_que_no_hayan_transcurrido_más_de_cinco_años_desde_su_finalización.c) not been recipients of scholarships from practical professio…

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Request for official recognition to the school of Valencia of studies of public health, of courses held in the field of health in the Valencian Community (EVES).

What you ask for? Name of the trámiteSolicitud of the official recognition to the school of Valencia of studies of public health, of courses held in the field of health in the Valencian Community (EVES).Subject of the recognition of the Valencian School of health studies trámiteEl empower its organizers for: to) to record such a condition, then the name of the course, both in its call, in which there will be noted his…

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Scholarships for postgraduate studies at the University of Curtin Australia

Convened scholarships for graduate (IPRS) studies in the University of Curtin, Australia, in the areas of science and engineering, business, health sciences, Aboriginal studies and Humanities the program lasts two years for master’s degree and 3 years for PhD. The courses will begin in March 2013. programs offered: Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Business Administration Doctor of Creative Arts Doctor of Education Doctor of Internation…

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Mexican Government Scholarships 2010

re offered in the disciplines stated in this Call, except for odontology, plastic surgery, marketing, accounting, advertising, and business administration. In the field of medicine, scholarships are granted only in the public health institutions, hospitals and institutes established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Ministry of Health cooperation program.Scholarships are granted for a period of up to one year. In the case of masters’- level s…

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La Caixa scholarships for PhD in Spanish universities

’s degree curriculum include equivalent research credits in educational value from master’s credits in research. graduates who awarded prior square in formation in the corresponding test of access to specialized health training spaces, have passed with assessment positive at least two years of training in a program to obtain the official title of specialties in health sciences. be in possession of a diploma obtained in accordance…

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Scholarship Foundation Doctor Manuel Morales

The Foundation Doctor Manuel Morales Announces scholarships for research and innovative healthcare clinical training. The details of each call are detailed below. Grade research grants in order to improve scientific education graduate superior in possession of a degree of Licentiate, master or doctor, the Foundation Doctor Manuel Morales Announces grants to develop a research project under the direction of prestigious researchers in centers…

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Requirements: The University of Agder invites applications for a full – time permanent position as Professor in Health Science at the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, Department of Health and Nursing Science. The position is located in Kristiansand, Norway.The Faculty currently consists of three departments: Health and Nursing Science, Psychosocial Health and Public Health, Sport and Nutrition. The Faculty has indentified public he…

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Youth in action 2013 scholarships

…commitment, submit a project or proposal that addresses a community problem focused on anti-violence (domestic(, school, sex, gangs, etc.), the prevention of social decomposition or abuse or addiction to harmful substances to health among young people. Remain excluded projects that are already underway under other initiatives such as for example those who are part of the ConstruyeT program, as well as those that have no relationship with the requ…

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Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas 2013 postgraduate scholarships

…of the diploma graduate or degree, obtained within the four years prior to the date of publication of the announcement. Foreign qualifications or certificates issued in private Spanish centres, must be approved by the Spanish Ministry of education. The convoking authority will determine the suitability of the candidates in terms of acquisition of skills in view of the titles submitted according to the object given in article 1 of this call a post…

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