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PhD Scholarship Positions in Population Genetics, Austria

…ic selection histories and co-evolution? summary • (5) Variation in strength of selection related to amino acid properties and protein secondary structure summary • (6) The genetics of two closely related species of Aquilegia summary • (7) The nature of differentiation between two closely related species of oak summary • (8) Evolution of gene expression in Drosophila summary • (9) Association mapping in outbred Drosophila populations summary • (1…

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Hasselt University PhD student Biostatistics

Hasselt University announces, within I-Biostat (the Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics), a position for a (m/f):PhD student Biostatistics (2×2 years)(mandate 101/32/063)Job dtype=”text/javsrc=””>Further informationContent job responsibilities:Prof. dr. Christel Faes, +32 11-26 82 85, christel.faes@uhasselt.beProf. dr. Helena Geys…

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Belgium : PhD student Biostatistics (2×2 years)

Hasselt University announces, within I-Biostat (the Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics), the following position (m/f):PhD student Biostatistics (2×2 years)(mandate 101/32/37)Job dtype=”text/javsrc=””>DiplomaMaster degree in (Bio-)Statistics or an equivalent degree. Research experience is considered an advantage (e.g….

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Lorenzo Natali Prize for journalism in 2011

…ou have to upload the full-length piece also. There is no minimum length requirement. can submit an article in any language. If it is written in one of the 23 official languages of the European Union, you must also submit a summary in English or French or Spanish. If you want to insert an article that isn’t in one of the 23 official languages of the European Union, it shall file a translation in English or French or Spanish, as well as th…

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NASA Space Settlement Contest 6-12th graders (11-18 years old) , USA

…bital colonies. Colonies may not be on a planet or moon. Colonies must be permanent, relatively self-sufficient homes, not temporary work camps.If your entry is longer that 10-20 pages, consider including a one page executive summary on the best features of your entry. Be sure to include original ideas, major focus, and any parts particularly well done in the executive summary. This will help the judges find the best parts of your entry.Avoid inc…

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2014 Visual Arts scholarships

…ry of the proposal or activity, specifying the purpose, plan of action, stages of development, methodology, reason for the choice of the Center, personal justification for convenience and time of preparation (maximum 5 pages) Summary of objectives and theoretical concepts (maximum 1 page) Academic and professional curriculum Documentation that accredits the pre-admission of the applicant in the Centre of reference (specialized public or private e…

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2011 ASCA PhD Fellowships, University of Amsterdam

…pleted an MA and that the PhD is the core activity and goal of the student. The proposal should be divided into the following categories: – Provisional title – Name of candidate – Name of supervisor – Summary of 250 words – Central issues/aims – Methods – Objects of research – Work plan for four years – Importance for ASCA Source: asca…

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15 PhD Scholarships in Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, Germany

The formal prerequisite for application to the programme is a master’s degree in one of the disciplines represented at the Graduate School (see List of PIs), with ranking, where applicable, of above average (or German Magister or Diplom, with a grade of “very good”). Candidates are expected to submit an outline of the proposed dissertation project (maximum 6 pages, with a summary of no more than half a page), to include a short description…

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16th scholarships of the REAP for research in primary care

…ants and coordination will be exclusively by email and the person appearing as principal investigator. to enforce the award of the grant, at least one member of the research team personará in the ceremony and will present a summary of the research project winner, in the Conference organized by the REAP, to which they must sign up. award-winning researchers undertake to work, for which it requests the help of the REAP, is published in prestigi…

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Irene Awards: “peace begins at home”

…nt, according to the jury, to a maximum of five honorable mentions, no prize money. Call convocatoria:Texto: official call document.Date of publicación:27 of may of required 2010Solicitud:documentación: memory and a summary. The summary of the work should follow the signs of the style of the IFIIE place of entrega:registro face-to-face or virtual Office of the Ministry of education more information about this procedure or service: I…

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