bieap scholarship selected candidate list 2013

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Scholarship Lens of photography 2013

Lens School of Visual Arts Announces Scholarship Lens of photography 2013 with the aim of making it accessible to her Masters degree in photography of author and professional photographers of talent projects and facilitate the development of quality projects during the same. Awards the winner of the scholarship will have covered the academic expenses of the Master, valued at 7,250 euros. Thus, two runners up, involving an aid of 50% discount…

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Grant authors novice 2014 PhotOn Festival

of importance or seen their work published in media of importance in the story section. The organization is responsible for checking with the biography of the author and the public information available the curriculum of all selected. 2. Only unpublished works will be accepted, i.e., that have not been reported or through publications, or exhibitions, or have been awarded in other similar competitions. Works with more than two years old will n…

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Scholarships USJ Heraldo de Aragón

cholarship to the student who obtains at the PAU, the highest rating of access to university studies. note of access = 0.6 x NMB + 0.4 x CFG NMB = grade point average in high school. CFG = rating of the overall phase. candidate must have formalized procedures for enrolment in the first full course of one of the degrees. where several finalists had the same rating of access in the P.A.U., the tiebreaker and the scholarship award, be take…

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Five scholarships College Doctoral Tordesillas

…ng all universities of the Consortium, will be encouraged as far as possible so that each University send and receive students each year. If any available mobility plaza remains vacant may be used by another University. the selected students will receive: A 4,800 euros travel bag to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and living expenses, during the 4.5 months of stay. Selected students will be required to submit a medical insurance and…

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Scholarship post residence Fundación José Luis Castaño

The Fundación José Luis Castaño, for the development of the clinical laboratory, announces four scholarships post-residency for those faculty specialists of clinical laboratory that completed his period of residence in 2013, and who want to carry out a research project in a clinical laboratory in a hospital in Spain. The endowment of the scholarship is 12,000 euros. The scholarship is aimed at specialists practitioners of clinical laboratory tha…

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Horizontal cooperation – Republic of Chile 2013 fellowships

Agency of international cooperation of Chile (AGCI) offers, from the academic year 2013, scholarships to carry out accredited master’s degree studies at universities or other Chilean institutions of higher education. These scholarships are offered to national professionals from the countries in the thematic areas identified in the call. the purpose of the AGCI fellowship program is to contribute to the formation of human capital advance…

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Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas 2013 postgraduate scholarships

the aforementioned authority or officialdom employment relationship, nor imply any commitment regarding the subsequent incorporation of the person concerned to the same template. requests are formalized in the model that is listed as annex I, shall be addressed to the President of the Center for sociological research and may be given in the General registry of the Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas (calle Montalbán, 8, third floor, 28014 Ma…

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Scholarships postgraduate Caja Madrid

012-2013 are studying their last year of undergraduate or degree (in Spanish universities). In the event of the grant, this will depend to the accreditation of completion of degree or grade at the end of June 2013 tests call. Candidates wishing to study MBA must have a minimum two years work experience and prove it by submitting the relevant documents (working life or Enterprise). Have a good knowledge of written and spoken language which will de…

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Escoex 2012-2013 college career scholarships

…ational Business School) during the academic year 2012-2013. deadline for submission of applications: until 21 September 2012, at 1400 hours. the object of these conditions is to regulate the procedure for the granting of scholarships by the Mapfre Guanarteme Canaria Foundation for the academic year 2012 / 2013 in one of the undergraduate degrees offered by the Escoex Center in publicity, objectivity and competitive concurrence scheme. Univ…

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Scholarships of the Prado Museum

The Prado Museum Awards 25 scholarships for young professionals under 35 years of age and with a degree related to the contents of the course. The scholarship consists of exemption from tuition fees and shall participate compulsorily in some specific seminars that deepen about the contents of the course, which will take place following Friday to Conference at 10 o’clock, at the center of studies of the Museo del Prado (Cason of el Buen Ret…

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