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In this particular site you will find all the data in addition to assets to check in a very great university having a scholarship grant. Below, you'll receive the details of the scholarship or grant about belgium scholarships for short term professional training and also the supplier therefore you can speak to them in addition to look at to get the economic assistance to research with them.

Conacyt fellowships for short stays in the United States

CONACYT calls to institutions of higher education, centres and institutes of research (IES/IIC), to apply for short stays in the United States of America scholarship applications for students enrolled in its programs school graduate (PP), recognized in the national program of quality graduate programs (PNPC). nominations must have as its object the student to perform a stay in an institution of the United States of America to develop an academ…

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Drolor Scholarship Scheme at University of Professional Studies in Ghana, 2016

The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) is inviting applications for Drolor Scholarship Scheme. The scholarship is open to qualified candidates from the Shai and other Dangbe Traditional Area (Ghana) to pursue undergraduate studies. The Scheme is in line with the mission of UPSA to provide and promote Quality High Academic and Professional Education in Business and related disciplines by leveraging a structured mix of scholarship wi…

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Alcampo scholarships

Scholarships Alcampo consisting of six months in Spain and another six months of more overseas for those who successfully pass this period. The Endowment is 1,200 euros gross/month (the first six months, in Spain) and 1,500 euros gross/month (following six months overseas). grants takes place in Spain and the practices will take place in a city other than the habitual residence. Abroad, in France or other European countries the Group Auchan….

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Scholarships loot in museum management and curatorship

The Botín Foundation convenes two fellowships in museum management and curatorship. There are two scholarships abroad aimed at specialized training in order to obtain professional training in theory and techniques on the management of museums and the Organization of exhibitions in a comprehensive manner (curatorial studies). The fate of the training must be geared to contemporary art (from the avant-garde to the present day). To be eligible for…

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Archival training courts of Valencia scholarships

0 euros, which shall be collected at the end of the month at the rate of 900 euros, upon certification of the greatest lawyer and be subject to withholdings that proceed. the scholarship may be extended, if it was suitable for the training program and upon acceptance of the person concerned, for a maximum of twelve months, according to budget availability. They may not participate in the who already enjoyed scholarships cited previously for at…

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Scholarships of practical training in companies of Vizcaya 2014

The Confederación Empresarial de Bizkaia (CEBEK), BBK and the Department of economic promotion of the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia have signed an agreement through which articulates this call for scholarships is intended that graduates can carry out practices in enterprises to bring the real world training obtained during the race. You can also make a course that complements their qualification in order to have an overview of the most important a…

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Scholarship Adriano

The purpose of this order is to establish the regulatory bases of the Adriano grant, aimed at facilitating the permanence in the educational system of the students who curse to any of the following official teachings in the schools of the autonomous community of Andalusia, and convene this scholarship for the school year 2013-2014: to) high school teachings. b) second course of formative cycle of average degree of initial vocational training

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Grants Institute of statistics and cartography of Andalusia

Approve the regulatory basis for the provision of scholarships by the Institute of statistics and cartography of Andalusia, in the areas of statistics and cartography, including the following lines: to) training of research staff scholarships. b) fellowship training in the area of public statistics and cartography. c) research grants in the area of public statistics and cartography. in this way, summon scholarships for training in the ar…

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Scholarships from tourism in Galicia

The importance of tourism in economic and social of Galicia tissue, as well as the increase of the quality of the tourism sector are considered fundamental elements for the sustained growth of the dimensions of competitiveness, which requires a continued effort in the training of human resources to accommodate new demands to the performances of graduates that initiate or develop their activity in this sector. Belonging to the tourism agency of G…

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Senate archival training scholarships

The table of the Senate, in its meeting of September 9, 2014, has agreed to convene between postgraduate fifteen scholarships training archival, documentary and librarian. The training will be basically practice, through participation in the tasks of documentation addresses, studies or technical assistance. of these scholarships will be reserved two for its grant among people with disabilities degree equal to or greater than thirty-three perce…

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