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Scholarships official masters of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía

Academic direction for institutional relations has opened registration for the scholarships of the masters official 2014-2015 of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), Member of the Group of universities Iberoamericanas La Rábida, of which the PUCP is also part. the official master’s degrees are offered in the following areas: social and legal sciences, experimental sciences and technology, and health sciences. The scholarship…

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Communication in the Senate grants

The table of the Senate convenes three scholarships on institutional, internal and external communication related to the official activity of the Senate among postgraduates. The training will be basically practice, through the support of the Department of communication media. Such scholarship reserves for its grant among people with disabilities degree equal or superior to 33 percent always that fulfil the requirements set out in the third base…

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Grants New Europe College

New Europe College – Institute of advanced studies in Bucharest (Romania) announces scholarships for the academic year 2014-2015. The program is aimed at young academic researchers working in the fields of Humanities, social sciences, and the international economy. applicants must hold a PhD degree or PhD students at an advanced stage of its investigation. Preference is given to candidates under 40 years of age and those who still have n…

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Fundación Caja de Arquitectos and Fundación ICO 75 squares workshops

The Fundación Caja de Arquitectos and Fundación ICO call 75 seats for students of architecture and young architects aimed at the realization of five workshops in the Museum ICO. The squares are intended to give the candidates the possibility of supplementing through workshops organized by the Fundación ICO the knowledge acquired during their training.   Fundación ICO La Fundación Caja de Arquitectos has agreed with the ICO Foundation admission…

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Japanese Association of University Women scholarships

Call for scholarships of the Japanese Association of University women. Women who are selected must devote full to the project that received the grant, submit an abstract of between 500 and 700 words at the end of the same and in addition, to make an oral presentation of their research at a meeting sponsored by the Japanese Association of University women. all the documentation which should include, inter alia, three letters of recommendation,…

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Scholarships for intensive German courses in Germany

The German service of academic exchange (DAAD) grants are intended to promote assistance to German language courses offered by an Institute specializing in the Federal Republic of Germany. The list of the intensive courses scholarship by the DAAD in 2014 is at this link. The scholarships have a duration of two months and can be enjoyed in the period between June and December. The scholarships are extended. The DAAD grants a partial scholarship f…

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Grants for the production of books

Call for proposals for the year 2014 in subsidies for the production of books in Castilian or the co-official languages of the autonomous communities which, irrespective of the nationality of the author, will contribute to the enrichment of the Spanish bibliographic heritage. this subsidy is compatible with other aid agencies or public institutions or private to the same activity provided that the amount thereof is such an amount that, individ…

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Access scholarship for study abroad in Paraguay

Embassy of United States in Paraguay offers 75 grants Access for an intensive course in English for two years at the Paraguayan American Cultural Center. 25 scholarships will be awarded in Asunción, 25 scholarships in San Lorenzo and 25 scholarships in Coronel Oviedo. requirements for obtaining Scholarship: 1. Be 15 to 17 years of age. To run the program, you must have completed 15 years in may 2014.  2. Be Paraguayan or have permanent r…

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International journalism fellowships

Global Post International Journalism Scholarship for 20 young journalists of any nationality for multimedia projects related to youth unemployment. candidates can apply individually or in pairs. Ten teams of two persons will be selected and the work will take place in ten different countries, where the issue of youth unemployment cover special importance, as in Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Kosovo, etc. each team will work in a different co…

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Scholarships of excellence of Castilla – La Mancha

Castilla – La Mancha announces their scholarship of excellence for the year 2013 / 2014, in two ways: on the one hand, scholarships for those students who have begun their university studies in Castilla – La Mancha and obtained outstanding academic results in the entrance examinations to the University, with a grade of 9 or higher; on the other, to students enrolled in college courses after the initial with an average of 9 or higher…

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