aiims biotechnology training programmes

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Training of managers and managers of agri-business scholarships

The high training program for managers of enterprises of the food chain is an initiative of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment which aims to improve the qualifications of positions and management, as well as boosting competitiveness, sustainability in the market and the globalization of the agricultural companies. to do so, the Official Gazette published the regulatory bases of the granting of scholarships of high training of ma…

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2012 Visual Arts scholarships

The Diputación de Huesca firmly bet to promote the creation, production and exhibition proposals driven from contemporary artistic practices and, above all, the training of citizens comprising its territory. Visual Arts Fellowships are a model to promote the creation and adjusted to the current times research. the main objective is to support the work of the artists Huesca or resident in the territory, engage with them and open new strategies…

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20 Structuralia OAS International MBA scholarships

…in this area, providing opportunities for human development becomes a highly significant factor. in this context, the Organization of American States (OAS) and Structuralia, under the partnership programme for education and training, have decided to support outstanding individuals of the Americas through the auspices of a total of 20 academic scholarships to continue their studies through the following program: MBA International companies of…

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Scholarship of training of human resources in Cancer in Argentina

The INC opens a national call for proposals for the award of scholarships of training of human resources in Cancer to health professionals. The purpose of the program is to intervene in the process of training of human resources in the areas of Oncology, to be able to respond to the need to improve the quality of care and ultimately contribute to the reduction of mortality due to cancer in the country. the methodology of the programme is throu…

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Scholarship training biblioteconomy and documentation Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court announces a grant of theoretical and practical training in tasks related to the study and bibliographic treatment of monographs and periodicals in the library of the Constitutional Court. Studies and work carried out will remain property of the Court. is called a scholarship, which will have a duration of twelve months. The scholarship may be extended, if it was suitable for the training program and upon acceptance of…

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Grants Training Council of consumers and users

Rectification of the bases first and fifth b) of the resolution of February 10, 2014 by which summon scholarships to the programme of work of the Council of consumers and users for the year 2014 and three scholarships for the theoretical and practical postgraduate training in the field of consumption, at the Council of consumers and users, in regime of competitive concurrency, for graduates. the purpose of the grants is theoretical training an…

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Gateway program

The gateway program is aimed at graduates in vocational training and aims to complement his training with the knowledge that most are suing today by the companies. Informatics, languages, etc., are some of the material that the program combines work during 12 months in a leading entity. the candidate will complement his work with 80 hours of training at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, acquiring the skills to complement his or her qu…

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Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas 2013 postgraduate scholarships

Among the functions attributed to the Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas figure the promotion and encouragement of social research applied, upon the convocation of scholarships and grants, as well as participation in training programmes for technicians and specialists in the field. To carry out such actions, it is appropriate to convene these scholarships for postgraduate students by the year 2013. the purpose of these scholarships is to c…

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Scholarship training agro-food industry

The Ministry of livestock, fisheries and Rural development of the Government of Cantabria summons, in regime of competitive competition, a scholarship or individual financial support for practical training and specialization in the area of the food industry, with technical content described in the second base. Studies and work carried out will be exclusive property of the Ministry of livestock, fisheries and Rural development. the purpose of…

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Scholarship professional training degree Madrid

The purpose of this title is to approve the regulatory basis for the provision of scholarships for the study of professional training of top grade in the community of Madrid. Recipients of the scholarships will be students in vocational training of top grade, in the modality, in any private school authorized by the competent Ministry for education of the community of Madrid. The date of expiry of the deadline for submission of applications, st…

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