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Scholarships Hiberus Master Software Technologies Mobile devices

Universidad San Jorge publishes two scholarships financed by the Hiberus company to pursue master’s degree in Advanced Software technologies for mobile devices in the academic year 2012-2013, consistent in: 100% of the amount of tuition for the master’s degree. Development of extracurricular exercises in the facilities of the company by the students on scholarships during the period of April 1, 2013 until 31 December of the same ye…

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Scholarships for students with disabilities

…ied in the call. applications can be delivered until July 11. Stakeholders must accompany your request the following documents in original or authenticated copy: application form: will need to complete a phone (landline or mobile) contact or an email. Photocopy of DNI or NIE. Prior authorization of the applicant, the Ministry of education will check the validity of the DNI or NIE using query electronically to the Ministry of finance and public…

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Scholarships for postgraduate 2015-2016 to work on national heritage

In the Official Gazette of 31 January 2015 have been arranged six scholarships for postgraduate students, with an amount of 1,250 euros a month each, to develop their work in some of the delegations of the Board of Directors of national heritage. these six scholarships are distributed in six specialties grant number 1: information technology and communications grant number 2: relations and institutional communication grant number 3: desc…

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Scholarship Foundation Once opportunity to talent

…reign universities, improving their language skills and professional training. recipients: Students of degree or equivalent and master students, enrolled at a University abroad. amount: € 6,000 per pupil amount only. number of scholarships: 20 scholarships for postgraduate and master. target. Foster the training and specialization of University students with disabilities, to improve their employability and professional advancement….

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Pure talent scholarships

…is that the video is uploaded to Youtube. those articles that exceed the revision by EEME and PuroMarketing will be posted along with the video in the digital journal (within the school blog). Articles that achieve a higher number of interactions in the form of comments and/or actions on social networks (retuits, likes, etc.) will become the final phase. the work of participants passing the final phase will be evaluated by a jury consisting o…

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Scholarships undertakes 2014

The IEBS business school launches a new edition of the innovative Idea contest. In the framework of undertaken scholarships, search for 24 projects of entrepreneurs that can provide a high degree of innovation in your area. the competition categories are: entrepreneurs, Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Business, eCommerce and logistics, free Software or human resources. The winners will enjoy a 100% scholarship to pursue a master’s degree…

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Scholarship Adriano 2014-2015

…by subjects students must provide proof of having passed all the subjects of the previous year, with the exception of two. Students of second and subsequent courses organized by modules must provide proof of having passed one number of modules that eighty per cent of the total number of hours of the course that had been registered during the former at least. The scholarship shall not be granted to those who are repeating course totally or partial…

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Cookie policy

www.grant-scholarship.com (“THE WEBSITE” in advance) uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website without storing any personally identifiable information about you. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website, allows us to improve our site and also allows us to offer…

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Grants from the Ministry of finance and public administration

…within a period of ten working days it remedy the lack or attach the mandatory documents, with an indication of that, doing so not so, you shall be withdrawn your request. in the order of Convocation shall be determined the number of scholarships is inviting for selective entrance exam preparation, by the system of internal promotion, for each of the specialties and special bodies attached to the Ministry of finance and public administration an…

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Scholarships for students with brilliant academic record

…se, with the exception of the first payment of the annual registration fee, and where appropriate, of the opening of file. the final percentage of concession will be based on the obtained note in the PAU of June 2012 and the number of applications submitted. for degree in medicine: minimum score of PAU 13 points (up to 70% discount) requirements renewal: consult scales in the service of aid for the study. scholarships for students with brilli…

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