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Archival training courts of Valencia scholarships

…Royal Decree 1629 / 2006, of 29 December, and Decree of the Consell 155/2007, of 21 September; 119/2008 of 5 September; as well as the Decree 61/2013, May 17, modified by the 93/2013 order, November 11, applying the following list of values: level A1: 0.10 points. Level A2: 0.20 points. Level B1: 0.40 points. Level B2: 0.60 points. Level C1: 0.80 points. Level C2: 1.00 points. e) knowledge of computers, up to 2 points. Of 30 to 50 hours cumula…

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China ICO Foundation scholarships

of Bachelor’s degree/degree. 4. Photocopy of the title of Chinese level. 5. Photocopy of the title’s English level. 6. Working life (or accreditation according to 2.1. i) of these guidelines. pre-admitidos list will be published on the website within a maximum of three weeks from the close of the application period. At that time, and through the same web page, will indicate how to send the remaining documen…

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Scholarships Conacyt Funed 2014

…or euros, as applicable to the currency of support according to the country of destination. The amounts of tuition in all the calls 2014, will be assigned according to the exchange rate of the day of publication of the first list of the calls 2014 results.    – Support for health insurance and, where appropriate, to direct financial dependants that accompany the fellow the country where will conduct their studies, based on tab CONACYT o…

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UNIVPM Masters Scholarships for International Students in Italy, 2015-2016

rships and financial aid positions before application deadlines.  The scholarships will cover accommodation and a monthly allowance for living expenses. The annual amount of the scholarship is 7.200 euro per year, gross.  The list of winners will be published on their site and on that of the Polytechnic University of as from 31st August 2015 for the first intake and 4th December 2015 for the second intake….

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Scholarships Master education emotional, Social and creativity 2013-2014

he selection process, adjudication and payment. photocopy of D.N.I. I shelter have completed the pre-registration at the University of Cantabria. Complete notes of the first course. The official academic record, being valid listing of notes that can be found at the University of Cantabria is not necessary. Curriculum Vitae in single-sided. Explanatory statement that the candidate believes that it should receive the scholarship. Requests that do…

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Peking University scholarships

y 2013). Stakeholders must comply without exception with the following performance calendar: 18 January 2013: at 12.00 hours the application deadline closes. 21 January 2013: at 12.00 hours will be published the provisional list of admitted and the list of alternates. An informative email will be sent to all applicants. Opens a period of 24 hours so that students admitted confirm your place by email ( 23 January 2013: at 12.00…

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Scholarships English course in Ireland

…all the candidates from highest to lowest score depending on the bases, eliminating those who do not meet the requirements. From 06 may 2013 will be published on the website of Eurolingua a provisional list of 10 candidates with pre-concedida scholarship and 10 alternate candidates by specifying their scores according to the bases of the announcement. Previously it will required them original documentation attesting to the…

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Europe 2015 scholarships

chool have the opportunity to present their candidacy until January 22, 2015. phases of selection I phase 17 November 2014: opening of call. 22 January 2015: call closure. II phase 26 February 2015: publication of list of 800 applicants selected. April 2015: face-to-face interviews. III phase may 2015: publication of the list of 500 selected applicants. June 2015: presentation of audiovisual mounting opening. IV phase Sept…

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I study and work scholarships

…lete the registration form which will be available on the website: The registration period to May 8 at 17.30 hrs. all participants will participate in a drawing which, as a result, will have a ranked list of them. Respecting the order of this list, will be awarded scholarships according to the jobs offered by companies according to locality and Department. There will be as many draws as locations where jobs are offered….

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Tata Scholarship for Indian Students at Cornell University in USA, 2016

Cornell University is offering Tata scholarship for Indian students to pursue undergraduate studies. The Tata Scholarship Fund will support approximately 20 scholars regardless of their financial circumstances. The Cornell University’s main objective is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are compatible to changing needs of the students. Cornell University will be widely recognised as a top-ten rese…

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