admission in mbbs in iran in 2013

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Scholarships for intensive German courses in Germany 2013 (DAAD)

The German service of academic exchange (DAAD) offers grants for intensive German courses in Germany 2013 with the aim of promoting assistance to intensive German courses offered by an Institute specializing in the Federal Republic of Germany. candidates must be students of all the faculties (with exception of German Philology, German as a foreign language and translation and interpretation with German), who at the beginning of the scholarshi…

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Univision 2013 scholarships

As part of its campaign educational is the time, Univision Announces scholarship program for the support of Hispanic students. Administered by the Fund of Hispanic Scholarship (HSF, for its acronym in English), scholarships provide financial assistance to outstanding students. the program is open to all Latino students who reside in the United States. The requirements to qualify for one of these scholarships are: – Hispanic student. Yo…

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Switzerland 2013-2014 government scholarships

The Embassy of Switzerland has the pleasure to inform you that the Swiss Government offers grants for research studies this year 2-3 (no scholarships for master’s degree) and 1-2 scholarships to study art master destined for Spanish nationals. It must be that the candidates possess good knowledge of French, German or Italian, languages of teaching at Swiss universities. the age limit for candidates is 35 years old (people born after Janu…

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Internationalization scholarships 2012-2013

The Spanish Institute of foreign trade (ICEX) convenes the internationalization scholarships 2012-2013, aims to train professionals specialized in enterprise internationalization. candidates for these scholarships must demonstrate a vocation and training directed towards the development of their professional career in aspects relating to the business internationalization and international trade. They must also possess capacity and sufficient a…

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Call program 2012 / 2013 – official degrees

The University of Granada annually convenes squares of international mobility of students to study at partner universities. While mobility within Europe is carried out mainly within the framework of the PAP Erasmus programme of the European Union, the mobility of students to the institutions not belonging to that program is carried out within the framework of own program of international mobility of the UGR, based on existing bil…

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Mutual study scholarships

…beneficiaries, determining their number and amounts. the purpose of these grants is to provide social and cultural promotion of mutualists, children and orphans through donations charged to budget appropriations of MUFACE, in the form of study grants for mutualists, intended to cover the cost of tuition and college scholarships of residence of renewal for children and orphans of members that in part, having obtained MUFACE scholarship in the a…

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2012-2013 Collaboration scholarships

The Ministry of education Announces aid to start research work related to the studies. In total, 3,304 scholarship applications are now available. 2012-2013 collaboration fellowships are intended for students enrolled in second cycle University studies, final year degree or first year of official master’s programmes. requirements General: not be in possession or legal provision for a Bachelor, engineer, architect, graduate or masters…

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Severo Ochoa of pre-doctoral aid 2013 programme

Severo Ochoa of pre-doctoral aid aims to promote teaching and research training of doctoral students in the Principality of Asturias by undertaking a doctoral thesis in university institutes or departments, public research bodies or technological centers based in the Principality of Asturias. maximum amount of aid shall be four years. The aid is financed from budgetary application 14.08-422D-782.022 “Building scientific research”…

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Scholarship Primitivo de Vega research call 2013

Mapfre Foundation Announces Scholarship Primitivo of Vega’s research in order to provide financial support for the realization of a scientific work in the area of care for seniors. The scope of the call is global. research projects submitted to this call shall be on any of the following areas: – instruments of classification of dependence and users, to establish homogeneous groups of intervention or innovative instruments of meas…

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MIR, FIR and EIR courses scholarships

AMA, grouping Mutual insurer, announces 75 scholarships to help new health professionals in the preparation of their various specialties during the year 2012 / 2013. 50 Scholarships for the subsidy of the preparation courses will be allocated to consideration of internal medical resident (MIR), 15 for exam preparation courses of pharmacist Interno Residente (FIR) and 10 for the examination of nurse domestic resident (EIR), courses in the nationa…

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