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Scholarship Signus agency EFE of young environmental journalism

Signus (integrated system of management of tyres used), Ripoll and EFEescuela of the EFE agency, in order to promote specialization in environmental journalism among college students, summon a scholarship for training in Ripoll/efficiency (area of diffusion of environmental, scientific and technological information of EFE) a year – from July 1, 2013 to 30 June 2014 – internship for students in the last year of journalism or Audiovisu…

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Study grants for unemployed people

Mapfre Foundation made an extraordinary call for 400 scholarships aimed at facilitating access to people unemployed in Spain who wish to join the e-learning courses of specialization in insurance, management of risks, prevention and environment in the promotion of February 2014. insurance and management of risks 200 scholarships introduction to the insurance the contract of insurance management of the insurance of the car insurance lin…

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Fellowship in cancer research Fero translational

Cancer research Fero Foundation convened the sixth annual scholarship Fero in translational cancer research, with the aim of promoting cancer research in Spain.  With the creation of scholarships Fero wishes to promote the training of young researchers, oncologists and thus promote the rapid transmission of scientific advances to patients with cancer.    the Fero Foundation wants to promote trials to speed up approval of new drugs in Spain an…

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Scholarships Censolar

As every year, the address Council, Censolar, continuing its mission of disseminating the knowledge and use of solar energy in Spain, announces 20 scholarships so that, free of charge, many others can attend during the year 2013-2014 and on a distance learning basis, the studies leading to the award of the diploma of architect installer of Solar energy. to qualify for one of these scholarships must reside in the European Union and have some te…

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Scholarships mobility University of Buenos Aires

y, not counting the CBC or languages. (7.53 CP; 7.52 CC; CS 7.88; 7.25 RT; 7.62 TS). – Be under 30 years of age. – Deliver all documentation required by the program.  the school will recognize the subjects in the destination University only as optional courses and/or seminars of the race concerned. Career directions will be which will determine the type and number of subjects to recognize according to the criteria established…

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Scholarship Torrado concrete

The dancing House convenes a scholarship for young Spanish students of dance. In order to stimulate vocational training is called tri-anual way the Hormigon-torrado scholarship. It is a scholarship intended and created to complete the training of performers in ballet. call this is an incentive for young students, and a new opportunity to vindicate the figure of the Spanish professional interpreter. is created for the first seen in this year…

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Economic and Social Council scholarships

Within the scope of their activities, to promote dialogue, deliberation, and the scientific study of the economic and social issues, the economic and Social Council announces competition for the award of four grants to carry out studies and works in the areas in which it is competent. The individual scholarships are assigned to the addresses of the Area of studies and analyses and documentation, according to the following distribution: address

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IV Premio Fundación CYD of journalism

In order to promote the professional of the media to pay greater attention to the contribution of the Spanish University to the economic and social development, the CYD Foundation has convened its IV journalism award, with the following bases: – eligible for the IV CYD Foundation Award for journalism any Spanish media professional, they are daily or magazines, agencies information, radio or television and on-line media, both national and…

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Constitutional Court grants

The Constitutional Court convenes this contest to award three scholarships for the realization of theoretical-practical computer training activities related to the tasks of the Constitutional Court, in accordance with the foundations listed below. scholarships are aimed the theoretical and practical training in tasks related to computing itself of the Constitutional Court, in particular that relating to jurisdictional tasks. Studies and works…

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Grants for biomedical research with Bemiparina

Rovi Announces scholarships for original research projects and scientific interest framed within any area of research provided that they contribute to broadening knowledge about Bemiparina and their therapeutic potential in clinical practice. will be awarded at least three scholarships. Studies may be both basic research as clinical. basic research should be oriented towards aspects which have a clinical application, and so Rovi could supply…

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