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Scholarships Help address information systems Talent

UPC School presents a new edition of the Talent Help scholarship, a program that offers support for the implementation of its training programmes to graduates. The grants are aimed at young professionals with an academic record and a brilliant CV and career with great projection. With this initiative, the UPC School undertakes with qualified professionals who need support to boost her career. The aim is to help them grow their ta…

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LATE SHRI M. L. SOOD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Organised by Shaheed Smarak Trust, Jabalpur

.P. Pin : 482002Phone : 0761 – 2401645, 40046953. Number of Scholarships…(a) The Scholarship will be given every year from 2010.(b) The Scholarship will be for the regular students of Bachelor of Engineering, preferably in Civil Engineering, of reputed colleges of Jabalpur area only. The Colleges selected for this are :(i)   Hitkarini College of Engineering and Technology, Jabalpur(ii)  Jabalpur Engineering College, Ranjhi, Jabalpur(iii) Gy…

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Scholarship of training in jobs of University graduate programs in management and public administration, business and labour relations, law, economy, administration and direction of companies and the joint law and address business and administration or equivalents, in the Subdireccionde economy and Finance of the Provincial service of the Department of EconomicsFinance and employment in Huesca.

Requirements: 1 possess Spanish nationality or that of any other Member State of the Union be Europea.2 in the possession of the University’s degree diploma in management and public administration, business and labor relations, law, economy, administration and management and the joint of law and administration and management or equivalent. The title must be official throughout the national territory or, in the case of have been retrieve…

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Scholarships in practices of Graduate University in any of these three specialties, law, economics and business address or equivalent, two in the Bureau of Economics and finance as Vice Provincial of the Department of Economics, finance and employment of Zaragoza and one in the General direction of tributes.

Requirements: 1 possess Spanish nationality or that of any other Member State of the Union be Europea.2 in the possession of the title of university graduates in any of these three specialties, right, economy and business management or equivalent. The title must be official throughout the national territory or, in the case of have been retrieved according to official studies abroad, must be approved to the Spanish official titles related ante…

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International Luis Valtueña’s humanitarian Photography Award.

Requirements: They may participate photographers and both professional and amateur photographers and fond of age, of any nationality.Staffing: Scholarship of the work of eight thousand euros (8. 000€). application: each participant may submit up to ten photos, being part of a series or not. Photographs may be submitted in color or black and white. Those works carried out between January and October, 2011 will be accepted. Only those works that…

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Award young 2011: Narratoria

New edition of award young, contest promoted by the Complutense University and which celebrates its Edition number fourteen. I would like to convey to participants the confidence in the future these awards symbolize. Values such as effort, well done work, solidarity, responsibility, prized by our University fulfilling one of its most important functions, in addition to teaching and research, the commitment with the society it serves. A jury form…

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Everest Youth Award

Editorial Everest Group convenes to award youth Everest scholarships available: 1 features: the prize youth Everest shall be accorded to the work which, according to the jury, deserves, and will consist of twelve thousand EUR (12.000,00 €) for the winner. Mentions of Honor may be made to those works which the jury considers it appropriate, resulting in award-winning with an amount of 1,500 euros (1.500,00 €) each….

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1st literary contest International San Antonio de Areco

Municipal direction of culture of San Antonio de Areco presents the 1st international literary festival “San Antonio de areco” features: 1st Prize: Medal and diploma. 2 nd Prize: Medal and diploma. 3rd Prize: diploma. Local Prize: Medal and diploma. the jury may award special mentions. the scholarship origin: Universia Honduras – 07/22/2011 will participate in the pageant writers of a…

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International Prize for photography humanitarian Luis Valtueña 2011

For the fifteenth consecutive year, doctors of the world calls the Prix International DE photography humanitarian LUIS VALTUEÑA features: the following prizes will be awarded: first prize: a scholarship of 8,000 euros work the winner or the first prize winner will receive a scholarship of 8,000 euros work aimed at the realization of a photographic project that will be content issues with the activity of doctors in the wor…

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10Th International competition of advertising Cartelismo Francisco Mantecón

Meeting held on December 21, 2011 adopted resolution which literally reads, “Bodegas Terras Guada, S.A, by c Board of directors unanimously agreed, acorda Institute on an annual basis a contest to design advertising Cartelismo, in honor of artist do that deseñador exclusive foi gives corporate image, friend, efficient collaborator and partner from you now fundacionais”, you carry or “Francisco Mantecón” no…

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