2014 nbccf rural development scholarship

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Grant authors novice 2014 PhotOn Festival

PhotOn Festival has always dedicated a significant part of its programming to support photography made by authors who are still not known by the public through the PhotOn call for novice authors, that structure all activities relating to this group, such as the call of the IV scholarship PhotOn Festival, portfolio viewing sessions, as well as projections of new authors. Within this framework we launched one more year the scholarship PhotOn Festi…

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University of Oviedo mobility grade, engineering and Bachelor’s degree

…obility and meet the requirements of commissions of internationalization of its centres and, where applicable, those required by the host university before the start of the stay. 4. Beneficiary students in previous years of scholarships for summer of cooperation agreements with the exception of the mobilities convened within the framework of the agreement with the University of El Manar (Tunisia) are not eligible to scholarships for the summer…

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Scholarships for the academic year expert in international development cooperation

The International Centre for interdisciplinary studies (CIESI) will award grants of up to 50% of the value of the international diploma course: expert in international development cooperation to applicants who so request. if talk of cooperation to development in the current situation, we can say that a consensus on the need to revise the same schemes can be seen at the end of the 1990s. This is not a novelty, since historically the cooperation…

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2014 Visual Arts scholarships

…rritory, to engage with them and open new strategies in the diffusion of art in their immediate environment. Visual Arts scholarships are intended to support the cultural production, constitute an instrument to facilitate the development of their own artistic projects to visual artists. will be valued in such aid the ability to originate proposals, coherence and innovation projects, as well as the interest of the formation it chooses that. th…

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Grants Alumni UC3M 2014 2015

putable Member the new spouse or person that live together, also computing in their incomes.   commit to participate in the actions of recognition to donors, as well as specific initiatives that the University promotes the development and dissemination of the program. commit to repayment of the aid in the conditions laid down in paragraph 4. have a place which, for the accomplishment of studies at UC3M, require a change of the aforementioned…

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Grants Canary Islands Fundación Universitaria de Las Palmas

st appointed by the University Foundation of Las Palmas.   B) modality scholarship for projects of research in this mode, will be selected as fellows to those candidates who submit projects that favour the socio-economic development of the region, as well as the transfer of knowledge from universities. Such projects shall be also led by a Scientific Director, in this case, proposed by the candidate.     the total budget will be establishe…

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National Library of Spain 2014 scholarship

The National Library of Spain aims to collect, preserve and disseminate bibliographic, artistic, musical, audiovisual and digital heritage produced in Spain and generated about Spanish culture. To achieve these goals, library, aware of the importance of the training of young professionals as a fundamental pillar for the development in the field librarian, has approved a scholarship program aimed at training, specialization, development and resea…

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Scholarship Foundation Fuentes Dutor 2014

…neers to comply with one of the following objectives: to. The realization of a project, study or research on a topic related to mechanical engineering, that the Chair considers of interest. B. Scientific and technological development of young industrial engineers, who have not completed the race more than three years ago, the Chair also consider of interest. the duration of the fellowship is for one year from the definitive award of the sam…

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Booty 2014 Foundation Arts grants

The Botín Foundation allocated 220,000 euros to fine arts scholarships for training, research and personal projects in the field of artistic creation (not theoretical works), for artists of any nationality. The Fundación Botín may reserve a scholarship for artists resident in Cantabria, or natural provided that the application understands change of residence. The aid will be direct, indivisible and non-transferable. Do not cover family benefits….

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Scholarship postgraduate Cantabria

Convened a postgraduate scholarship for training and research in the field of education for development in the General Directorate of universities and research of the Ministry of education, culture and sport of the Government of Cantabria. the Ministry of education, culture and sport develops research and training activities aimed at postgraduates in various areas. Under the Decree 87/2011, on July 7, is amending partially the structure basic…

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