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We could provide you with the particular scholarships and grants we get in our databases associated your own research 2013 smart scholarship recipients. Often, an individual search for a specific grant in addition to you may not know there are other people which satisfies safer to your requirements. For example, there are funds that cover the actual percentage or perhaps this flight towards the area that your university or college are, plus the education costs expenses. You can't miss the actual oportunity regarding review in foreign countries with a scholarhip about 2013 smart scholarship recipients if you could see one that meets the needs you have. It is a exclusive oportunity in your own life to raise your knowledge and may enhance your school vocation.

In this internet site you will discover all the details and also means to review in a beneficial college or university using a scholarship or grant. Here, you're going to get the details from the scholarship grant about 2013 smart scholarship recipients in addition to the service provider and that means you could possibly get in touch with them and attempt to get the financial assistance to examine with them.

Grants creation Foundation Antonia Gala

…quares makes public to stimulate and promote the creation, which will be governed according to the following the purpose of this call is, support and promote the creative work of young artists in different modalities. These scholarships have as main purpose the coexistence between different branches of the world of art and culture, thus promoting the mutual enrichment; i.e. the cross-pollination: support, essence and purpose of the Fundación An…

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Scholarship Photocertamen Shoot The Architecture 2013

Photocertamen aims in this edition the Organization of a photography competition for students of photography, both public and private teachings, including graduates in any discipline, supporting in this way the training of future professionals. Photocertamen puts at the disposal of these a scholarship which gives them the possibility to complement their training or research, or where appropriate, consolidate their situation in the labour marke…

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Grants from the Government for foreigners 2013 Mexico

Mexico Government convenes their scholarships for foreigners by 2013 to conduct studies of: specialization, masters and doctorate Medical specialties Research postgraduate Posdoc Mobility at the undergraduate and graduate level Rooms for artistic creation High-level conferences Research for mexicanistas Stays for media partners Rooms for visiting professors. No scholarship is awarded for pre-admission courses or for direct doctorates (postgra…

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The Latin American Council of social sciences scholarships

The Regional program of scholarships of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences Announces the launch of the competition of projects of research CLACSO-SIDA 2013 aimed at researchers in Latin America and the Caribbean on youth and youth movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. through this contest, and as in the previous years, is intended to promote the work of researchers from centres in the network, stimulate their academic traini…

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Scholarships Masters in energy and environment in United States

ence in the following areas of knowledge: renewable energy, sustainable energy system, environment and biodiversity, clean technologies for coal and emissions, energy efficiency, energy storage managementelectric vehicles and smart distribution networks. applicants may choose between two centers: University of Rochester University of Maine the duration of the aid will be a maximum of one calendar year. In the process of selection will be val…

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Scholarship Foundation Once opportunity to talent

ships: transnational mobility grants. target. Promote and encourage the presence of students with disabilities in Exchange programs with foreign universities, improving their language skills and professional training. recipients: Students of degree or equivalent and master students, enrolled at a University abroad. amount: € 6,000 per pupil amount only. number of scholarships: 20 scholarships for postgraduate and master. target….

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University of la Rioja research initiation grants

candidates with highest score. The application deadline is August 5. in the case of the short stays abroad, the UR aims to facilitate these Ranch – between a month and a half – year contract or pre-doctoral aid recipients to complete his training. Stays must be made until April 30, 2014. The application deadline is August 16. may be seekers of these grants for short stays beneficiaries active a predoctoral contract or a pre-docto…

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Scholarships of the higher College of Santa Cruz accommodation

of Trustees of the Foundation, taking into account academic merits and other alleged by the applicants, as well as the result of the personal interview and communicate the resolution from the 16 of September 2013. the grant recipients will have the following obligations: reside in the greater College of Santa Cruz during the entire period for which is granted the scholarship, participating in College activities and compliance with regulations…

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Bags of travel University of Alcalá

…osia, seminars, international and academic held in foreign universities during the year 2013. For mere attendance at courses, seminars or other activities and requests for academic internships are excluded from this call. All recipients will have to do some kind of teaching or research activity or present the results of previous work. the travel bag maximum staffing will be 300 euros per applicant and them 1,000 euros will be allocated, maximum…

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Scholarships the Caixa BSC-CNS

ract of employment. grant will be 18.069 euros gross per year during the first two years and 26,700 euros gross per year during the next two years of work, will include social security contributions during the four years. recipients of these grants will receive additional funding of 1,500 euros per year during the period of grant and 1,700 euros a year during the term of the contract. This funding is intended to cover tuition fees of doctorat…

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