2013 postdoctoral vacancy in photochemistry at saudi arabia

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Postdoctoral Fellowships in science at Harvard

The Mexico Foundation at Harvard, CONACYT and Harvard University collaborate in carrying out a postdoctoral program for Mexican researchers. the Mexican scientists who already they have obtained the degree of PhD or equivalent may apply for a postdoctoral fellowship provided they are committed to return to Mexico at the end of their stay at Harvard. All applicants must be currently employed full-time in Mexico, or if they are not employed full…

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Predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships in Los Ángeles 2012

The Getty Foundation offers scholarships to graduate University to conduct a research on the annual theme of the Foundation. Candidates must complete their dissertations on the subject in question or extend them for later publication. the deadline for submitting applications concluded on November 1, 2012. beneficiaries will make their residence at the Getty Research Institute, where they will be devoted to research to complete their thesis o…

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Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg 2014

Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg programme promotes the mobility of young artists, in order to enrich their creative projects, thus enabling them to establish a dialogue on cultural diversity. programme offers residencies to young artists (between 25 and 35 years) around the world. The UNESCO-Aschberg advocates and promotes creativity, highlights the cultural exchange and the need of artists enrich themselves through contact with othe…

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PhD, postdoctoral studies, research and development in Quebec

Grants for research or refinement (V/M3)-short stay type and duration of the support offered: varies according to the program: V/M1 $25,000.00 CAD for a maximum of three years (9 sessions) equivalent to $325,602.30 pesos at the rate of Exchange on July 16, 2012; with the possibility of extending up to 12 additional months, during which you will receive a monthly payment of $1,000 CAD. V/M2 $35,000.00 CAD for one year, non-renewable, approxim…

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Peking University scholarships

Summon 18 scholarships for the course of winter in Peking University. Candidates must be students of the Confucius Institute or grade students / graduate of the University of Granada, to study Chinese at the time of your request. Likewise, candidates must be between 18 and 30 years, enjoy good health and have some level of the Chinese language. The students of the Confucius Institute will have priority in the selection process. students who ob…

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Fundación Barrié 45 scholarships postgraduate

The final list of candidates will be announced through this web page during the second quarter of the year 2013. the schedule of this call for scholarships is as follows: closure of the call for proposals: March 31, 2013 at 23:00. Communication of the result of pre-selection and call for interviews: May 21, 2013 Interviews for predoctoral candidates: June 7, 2013 Interviews candidates for master’s and postdoctoral: June 14, 2013 Commun…

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Dan David Prize doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships

Convened 20 fellowships Dan David Prize students outstanding and highly qualified to carry out doctoral or postdoctoral studies in one of the following fields: – the classics, the legacy modern of the ancient world. – Ideas, public intellectuals and contemporary philosophers. – Preventive medicine the application deadline ends on March 15, 2013. ten scholarships are awarded to students of PhD and post-doc in universit…

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call 11th of genomics research postdoctoral fellowships

2013. requirements of candidates Be in possession of the doctor having a research experience accredited on an institution recognized, Spanish or foreign sufficient knowledge of the English language be author or co-author of at least three articles in journals included in the Science Citation Index. the grant will take place in the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), located in Barcelona. The Centre for Genomic regulation is an innovative basi…

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Scholarships Master education emotional, Social and creativity 2013-2014

15 scholarships amounting to 1.683,67 euros each, to assist students participating in this Master. may be beneficiaries of the grant those people enrolled in the Master’s in emotional, Social education and creativity at the University of Cantabria. may apply for this scholarship students pre-registered in the Master. The call will be open during the enrollment period, namely until September 13, 2013. given that the call will be compl…

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Scholarship Erasmus Kutxabank 2013 / 2014

Kutxabank Announces Erasmus scholarships for the academic year 2013 / 2014 aimed at students with fiscal residence in the Basque country and enrolled in the University of the Basque country or the University of Deusto. program has a fixed budget, which is split among the beneficiaries according to the number of months of stay in the targeted universities. Therefore, cannot be determined a priori the number of scholarships to be awarded. scho…

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