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II anthropological research Rafael Mazuecos 2015

The Municipal Board of culture of Alcazar de San Juan calls a research grant to stimulate studies of cultural anthropology in the field of Alcazar de San Juan. The purpose of this call is the selection of a single project. It will be dedicated to the research along with the work of Cabinet work. The project will be delivered in the format of final memoria-informe in appropriate conditions for disclosure, through Edition or any other system.  It will present a single project per person which will be original and unpublished, not having been awarded or granted by any other call.

scholar will accept the supervision of the project by an expert designated by the PMC. The scholarship will have 10 months of duration. Begun the research within a maximum period of one month from the granting of the same. The fellow will develop work by its means and delivered on a quarterly basis a basic report of the same. The final memoria-informe will be delivered within the period of one month after completion of the grant, in paper and digital format.  The rules of presentation of the annual report are: A4-page. 50 lines, 100 characters. Font Times New Roman. Type, 12. Single line spacing. Any scholarship is contractual relationship, is a subsidy for the realization of a project.

requests will be delivered in the PMC of ASJ until June 30, 2015. They shall contain at least the following documents: request, photocopy of DNI, academic qualification of the applicant, curriculum related to the activity of the scholarship and research project. Alongside these, the applicant can attach other documents deemed appropriate for the evaluation of its proposal. The selection of proposals will be held by a Court of experts, communicating the grant before July 15, 2015.

as requirement, requires that recipients of this call will be natural or legal persons of any nationality, aware of its obligations trained to obtain grants from public administration and fiscal. They credited their capacities with the presentation of his career as researchers.