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IFARHU fellowships are intended to distinguish students who possess the highest academic average at the end of the studies of education pre-secondary in official and private schools in the country; and higher education in the formal and private universities that are members of the Governing Council, Panama; Recognizing their efforts and encouraging them to continue in the education system, as well as to support students of scarce resources to show skills and capabilities for studies, in order to keep them in the educational system.

For a complete description of these scholarships, you can visit http://www.ifarhu.gob.pa/

Various scholarships that are available through this program are as follows:
· Contest-General for primary education
· General competition for education Pre-Media and Media education
· Contest General of higher education to study in universities official
· Home career in universities official
· Continued career in universities official
· General postgraduate and master’s degree in universities official contest
· Contest of scholarships for estate tax exemption for schools and private universities · Scholarships for outstanding students in sport
· Scholarships for outstanding students in the fine arts
· Scholarships for outstanding students in the Cultural area

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