IDB grants for master’s degrees in the southern hemisphere

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

This program of the Inter-American Development Bank grants – funds of the Government of Japan – grants scholarships to those who wish to study at a University located in the southern hemisphere. The scholarship is given annually for a maximum of two years, to obtain a degree only masters.

to renew the scholarship for the second year of studies or a portion of it, the student must maintain the level of superior academic performance required by the University, and in addition, you must submit an application for renewal. The Bank will ask the University monitor and periodically report on the performance of the intern and to send copies of the thesis prepared for the master’s program.

to apply for a scholarship candidates must meet the following requirements: be a citizen of a member country of the Bank, be less than 35 years, in exceptional cases, less than 45, enjoy good health and possess at least a college or degree equivalent in social sciences, public administration, business administration or development-related discipline.

also requires having obtained her undergraduate degree with outstanding qualifications and have a minimum of two years of work experience in a public body or an organization dedicated to the research or teaching, it must be admitted, but have not begun yet studies, for a master’s program in any of the disciplines listed above, in a University in a Member State other than their own bank, except in special cases.

scholarship covers the total cost of tuition, health insurance and accident that must be obtained through the University, installation costs, monthly money for subsistence, a game for books and a passenger in economy class. It does not cover any special for the spouse of the student assignment. The scholarship becomes effective at the beginning of each academic year to completion and does not cover the costs of registration, subsistence and other expenses of the summer period.

the deadline for receipt of applications for each academic year is the first asemana of January at the headquarters of the IDB in Washington.

complete databases and forms can be obtained on the website of the IDB.

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