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ICO Foundation - scholarship museography

The ICO Foundation convenes a museography scholarship for professional internships at the ICO Museum, to train young graduates for the development of a professional career for the benefit of the cultural institutions of the country and of the general interest.

requirements Nationality: may apply for the scholarship that hold Spanish nationality or persons who are in any of the situations referred to in article 9 of the law 4/2000, of 11 January, on rights and freedoms of aliens in Spain and their social integration. Age: being born subsequent to 1986 (from January 1, 1987, inclusive). Studios: it must be in possession of the degree or Bachelor's degree in art history, fine arts or related degrees. The qualifications obtained outside Spain will be admitted provided they are approved by the Ministry of education, culture and sport Spanish. It will accept, lack of the aforementioned official titles, the document having requested or a certificate of letters to say in a way that the candidate has completed the studies leading to them. Knowledge of English: is must documentary prove your level of English through film containing explicitly the equivalent of the common European framework of reference (minimum level B1).

the duration of the scholarship will be one year, being the start date of September 1, 2012 and will expire 31 August 2013.

the scholarship may be extended for a year, under the same conditions, once the ICO Foundation has evaluated, positively and successfully, the development and the goals achieved by the student during the first year of enjoyment of the scholarship.

the development of the scholarship be carried out on the premises of the ICO Foundation and Museum ICO, notwithstanding that activities that carry out the fellow forcing him make short stays inside or outside the Spanish territory.

the endowment of the scholarship includes the following concepts:

annual donation of 12,000 euros per year, which will be paid in 12 monthly instalments. Medical insurance. Bag of 3,000€ for the completion of courses and the attendance to conferences, previously approved by the person in charge of the area.

call for proposals will be open until June 17, 2012.