Iberdrola Foundation research grants

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The Iberdrola Foundation is committed to the creation and transmission of knowledge for development and progress towards a sustainable energy model that effectively meets the energy needs of citizens and contribute to the protection of the environment.

since 2010 the Iberdrola Foundation convenes annually its programme of scholarships and grants to research specialized in energy and environment, with the aim of contributing to excellence in training and research activities in the field of energy, with special dedication to the development of renewable energies, the improvement of biodiversity, as well as to the efficiency of the energy system. The objective is to train young high-level professionals able to contribute to the change in the energy model.

La Iberdrola Foundation announces new grants and AIDS to research for the academic year 2013-2014. The deadline for application is February 28.

this call 2013 provides scholarships for masters in energy and environment in Spain and United Kingdom, aid to research in Spain and fellowship training and research in restoration in the Museo del Prado.

scholarships for Master in energy and environment in Spain

La Fundación Iberdrola is planning to grant 32 new scholarships to perform during the academic year 2013 / 2014 master studies in Spain aimed at American or Mexican, Spanish, British students that expands the program in this edition.

beneficiaries must focus their training in areas related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment and biodiversity, clean technologies, emissions management, energy storage, electric vehicles and smart distribution networks.

aid eligible graduates, graduates and students from last year. The selected students will receive an endowment of € 1,200 per month that add to the cost of tuition, which will be fully charge the Iberdrola Foundation.

scholarships for Master in energy and environment on United Kingdom

in the framework of its energy scholarship program and environment, the Iberdrola Foundation offers a total of 13 new grants to study master in United Kingdom.

to do so, may choose among five British centres of great prestige: the Imperial College of London, the University of Edinburgh, Strathclyde University, the University of Liverpool and the University of Glasgow.

aid eligible graduates, graduates and students from last year of Spanish, British or American nationality wishing to study for a Masters degree related to energy and the environment.

La Fundación Iberdrola will assume the full cost of tuition and a monthly endowment of 1,200 pounds.

aid to the research

La Fundación Iberdrola directs its energy research program to young Spanish researchers in areas related to environmental and energy sustainability.

the entity be granted up to 20 aid in this new request, which responds to its commitment to strengthen relations between private enterprise and the research community, and its bet by technological development to be able to carry out the transformation of the energy model.

to be eligible for such aid, applicants must develop their studies in research centres or universities that are located in Spain and will have to be guaranteed by the equipment where carried out or to be your full time job.

each shall be equipped with a maximum amount of € 20,000 per project, which will have a duration of one year.

grants for training and research in restoration in the Museum of the Prado

Foundation offers three new grants for training and research in restoration.

the aim of this initiative is to complete the training of future specialists through participation program of conservation and restoration of the art gallery, which is among the most prestigious in the world. Every help is endowed with an economic contribution of 1,500 euros per month.

shall be eligible for this scholarship graduates or graduates in restoration at official centres. The formation of the future specialist will be in the Area of restoration of painting or the technical Cabinet of the Prado Museum.

as part of this program of scholarships and grants to research 2013, at the end of last year the Iberdrola Foundation launched the edition of scholarships for Master in energy and environment in the United States, corresponding to the academic year 2013 / 2014, whose deadline for the receipt of requests ends on Feb. 15.

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