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The program I study and work is an interagency initiative of Uruguay that contributes to strengthening the link between the educational world and the world of work, offering a first formal work experience to young students. The program is coordinated by the National Directorate of employment (DINAE) of the Ministry of labour and Social Security (MTSS).

the objective is to offer a first formal work experience to young students between 16 and 20 years, that do not have previous formal work experience, for the development of basic skills that enable you to work in the labour market and ensuring continuity in the study.

young people who sign up to participate in the draw for entry into the program must meet the following requirements at the time of registration:

have between 16 and 20 years old Be enrolled or enrolled in formal education or non-formal institutions. Non-formal education courses should have a minimum time load of 240 hours in total. Not having formal working experience exceeding the 90-calendar day.

requirements for admission to the program

be understood within the posts offered in the Department and town of registration. Submit the original certificate (not copy) issued by the educational centre where it is registered or is studying. Present a valid identity card. Attend the instance of induction of the program prior to insertion into the company as a whole.

requirements for permanence in the program

remain studying during all the period of the fellowship. Participate in all instances of evaluation program established. In accordance with regulations of the body where it will perform work. Develop the tasks assigned. Every three months provide original proof of study issued by the school in.

young people must complete the registration form which will be available on the website: The registration period to May 8 at 17.30 hrs.

all participants will participate in a drawing which, as a result, will have a ranked list of them. Respecting the order of this list, will be awarded scholarships according to the jobs offered by companies according to locality and Department. There will be as many draws as locations where jobs are offered. The draw will be held for all locations, time and date to be confirmed. The same results will be published on the website of the Ministry of labour and Social Security:

the ordered list resulting of the draw will be posted on date to be confirmed on the website of the Ministry of labour and Social Security: Also can communicate to the 0800 INJU (4658).