Hubert Humphrey fellowships from the Fulbright program

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Scholarship professional enrichment for Peruvians with experience in matters of public interest. The program, one academic year, combines stays at universities in the United States and practices in institutions linked with the area of interest of scholars. The scholarship does not lead to a degree. Candidates can be linked to the public or private sector professionals.

the fields of study that may be valid to obtain the scholarship are listed below.

agriculture. It includes agricultural economics and agricultural business management.
Politics and public administration. Formulation of policies at all levels of Government. It includes tourism, administration of Justice, human rights, international relations, international law, urban and regional planning, energy, welfare services, management of museums and other cultural organizations.
Public health and prevention of drug abuse. Formulation of public health policies, administration of programs of health, hospital management, epidemiology and educational programs targeting the community on nutrition, environmental health, health of mother and child and formulation and implementation of drug abuse prevention programmes.
Economic and human resources planning. Economics, banking and finance, international trade, human resources, administration of educational systems, environmental policy management.
Sciences of the communication/journalism. Formulation of policies governing the mass media and the formation of attitudes in public opinion.

The requirements are as follows:

Peruvian nationality and residence in the Peru. Not having dual nationality EE.UU./Perú nor visa of residence in the United States.
Good knowledge of the English language.
University degree. Only lawyers title.
Five years of professional experience in an area of public interest (public or private sector).
Important: all the scholars assume the commitment of returning to the Peru after the conclusion of the grant.

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